Cannatron Partner Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder

Introducing our new Partner Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder! We are thrilled to offer you the best pricing available anywhere on these top of the line grinders and accessories.

Tobacco Blunt Wraps are Out, Hemp Wraps Are In

Tobacco-free wrap options continue to grow in popularity. There are tons of different options available now, but we have some tips on how to pick the best fit for your smoke shop.

Smoke Shop Money Makers: Replacement Parts

Offering a wide variety of replacement parts for the devices your store carries is a great way to earn customer loyalty and increase order values! Learn more about why replacement parts are an underrated money maker for smoke shops.

Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose Ooze?

Ooze strives to design unique cannabis accessories that customers can always count on. With tons of innovative creations like their signature vape pens to out-of-this-world glass to smell-proof accessories and trippy rolling trays, Ooze truly has everything a customer could ask for.

The Best Herb Grinders for Your Smoke Shop

Herb grinders are essential accessories for any smoke shop, but there are tons of different options out there. We have some tips for choosing the best-selling grinders for your store.

Cannatron Best-Sellers: Q1 2022 Roundup

Can you believe we're already through the first quarter of 2022?! This roundup lists all the categories that have been selling like hot cakes through the first 3 months of the year.

Trending Now: Mini Dab Rigs

As more people start dabbling in concentrates, you're going to start selling more dab rigs. Mini dab rigs are trending right now, and we have some tips for choosing the best quartz and borosilicate glass pieces for your store.

Introducing Ooze Resolution Wipes

Smoking out of a dirty piece is bad for your health and diminishes the flavor of your bud. With the new Ooze Resolution Wipes, your customers can easily clean bongs, bangers, and bowls in under a minute! That stubborn resin will instantly glide off the glass, metal, and ceramic leaving it looking brand new. Learn more about why your customers are going to love these pipe wipes in this blog.

Time to Buy: Get Your Store Ready for 420

420 (or April 20) is the biggest sales day of the year for the industry. Make sure your store is fully prepared with all the products your customers are looking for. Here are some tips for a successful 420!