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Are Generic Vape Pens Holding You Back?

Are Generic Vape Pens Holding You Back?

Samantha Catrambone |

Are Generic Vape Pens Holding You Back?

When ordering vape products to stock in your store, it's important to consider your customer's wants, needs, and safety. It might seem like a good idea to purchase generic vape pens because of their low initial price point, but this could cost you more money and your customer's loyalty in the long run.

There are many reasons to opt for name-brand vape pens like Ooze over generics. From brand accountability, customer safety, and product quality to overcharge protection and warranty coverage, it's time to make the switch for your customers and your business. In this article, we will dive into why you should protect yourself and your customers by stocking trusted brands, like the industry's favorite: Ooze.

A graphic with a comparison chart that shows the difference between generic vape batteries and Ooze branded vape pens. The title is "Are the Generic Vape Pens You Sell Putting You and Your Customers at Risk?"

Ooze Pens vs. Generic Vape Pens

Generic vape pens might seem less expensive than popular name-brand vapes, but they have the potential to do more harm than good for your store. Generic pens don't have a brand attached, so there will be no brand accountability when a device is defective or dangerous. In addition, these products usually don't have built-in safety features, which will put your customers and business at risk if defective devices cause injuries.

We strongly recommend switching to brands that have been in the industry since the beginning and fully understand the importance of safety and product quality to avoid potential disasters. If you still need to be convinced, here are five critical reasons to switch from generic vape pens to Ooze.

5 Reasons To Make The Switch

Built-In Safety Features

Every Ooze vape pen comes equipped with built-in safety features to protect the user during their smoke session. Unfortunately, most generic vape pen manufacturers don't take the time to rigorously test their products, let alone add safety features inside.

Covered By Warranty

Since generic vapes don't come with a brand name, they usually don't come with a warranty either, which means your customers will ask you for a refund or replacement if something happens to their vape. Save your business time and money with Ooze since all Ooze products have a warranty program.

All your customers have to do is go to the Warranty Registration Page to activate their vape's warranty using the authenticity code on the device's base or the scratch-off card included in the package. This isn't just a one-year warranty like with some competitors; the Ooze Standard Warranty covers the device for five years from retail purchase or delivery date. So, let Ooze handle customer issues, while you sit back and relax!

With Ooze, you don't have to deal with customer returns; just send them to the manufacturer for their exchange. Plus, letting your customers know about this program while at your store is a great way to improve the customer experience and secure the sale.

Charges with Overcharge Protection Included

Overcharging generic vape batteries is a dangerous game your customers probably don't know they are playing. This minor accident could easily fry their device or start a fire. Luckily, there is a smart chip inside each Ooze battery and Ooze charger that prevents overheating and overcharging. This means your customers can leave their Ooze pen plugged in without a care in the world!

Safe Sesh Cycle Mode Stops Heating After 15 Seconds

Ooze vapes are equipped with a setting called Safe Sesh Cycle Mode, which means that the device can only heat in 10-second increments and will stop after 15 seconds. This safety feature protects your customers against accidents like overheating while protecting their cartridge's coil from getting burned out.

Unfortunately, since most generic vape pens don't have any safety features added, your customers could accidentally have a battery heating up in their pocket, which could lead to severe injuries.

Trusted Brand Name

Ooze has been a household name in the vape game since the beginning, known for having the best-selling vape battery in the nation. When you stock your store with products from trusted brands like Ooze, that trust extends to your customers. When they look through your store and see Ooze on the shelf, they will feel safe with their purchase, knowing that if anything happens to their vape, Ooze will be there to help.

Bottom Line: Generic Vape Pens Are Putting Your Customers At Risk

By selling cheap, generic vape pens that don't meet quality standards, you are taking a big risk that can easily be avoided. We highly recommend switching to name-brand vapes like Ooze to minimize any potential risk by putting your customers and your business first!


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