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Who We Are 

Welcome to the world of Cannatron! We are a House of Brands that caters to smoke shops, distributors, dispensaries, growers and processors, convenience stores, and anyone else who has a hand in the cannabis industry. Our exclusive partnerships allow us to deliver category-killing products that truly own the shelf. 

What We Do 

We are a high-quality shop for any retailer looking to fill their store with smoke shop, dispensary, and convenience store products and accessories. Currently, Cannatron has 6 House Brands under its umbrella with more on the way! In addition to our House Brands, we also carry tons of products from all the well-known brands you are looking for. Plus, we are consistently adding new items we think your customers will love to our catalog. 

Where We Started 

In 2015, Cannatron was created under the name Ooze Wholesale. It all began with a goal; to increase access, lower costs, and improve safety measures on all sorts of cannabis accessories. With this goal in mind, the Ooze vape battery was born. It quickly became a household name and our very first category killer. These are items that do their intended job so well that there would be no point in stocking a competing product; customers always go for the killer. 

Why Work With Us 

Cannatron is backed by a passionate team of cannabis professionals who have a deep love and understanding of all things cannabis. That’s why when you work with Cannatron, you have access to so much more than just a marketplace to shop. We will show you the best ways to sell these category-killing products to your customers, providing you with how-to instructions, upsell opportunities, and merchandising advice to increase order values. 

Our team is always just a phone call or email away if you have additional questions or concerns! Registering for Cannatron is an easy process; just fill out the form and you’ll receive a confirmation email once approved by our team. 

Join Us. Own the Shelf 

If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact us at (855) 669-3420 or fill out a contact form.

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