Boveda is the global leader in 2-way humidity control. Boveda crafts humidity packs that protect your cigars and dry herb by regulating humidity levels. Before Boveda, cigar enthusiasts were forced to use humidifiers religiously to keep their products fresh. Now, the need for humidifiers is eliminated and there is no longer the hassle of using distilled water to maintain moisture.

Boveda is completely maintenance-free and does not need to be activated. Boveda is a great solution for any air-tight storage container. Your customers will be so happy to have Boveda as an option!


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Boveda RH Size 8 Humidity Control Packs Bulk Box - 100ct
Boveda 62% RH Size 8 Humidity Control Packs Multi-Pack Bag - 10ct
Boveda RH Size 320 Humidity Control Pack – Single Pack
Boveda 1G 58% - Slim Size - 1500ct
Boveda 62% Humidity Pack Large - 12 Ct
Boveda 1G 62% - 1500ct
Boveda RH Size 67 Humidity Control Bulk Pack Bag – 20pk Brick
Boveda Size 67 Humidity Control Packs Bulk Box with Display Piece – 100ct