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Customize Your King Palm Display

Customize Your King Palm Display

Samantha Elizabeth Catrambone |

King Palm makes it easy to showcase their products in your store with the Mini Flavor Leaf Tubes 80ct Dispenser Display. Elevate your product presentation with this refillable display, initially stocked with four of King Palm’s best-selling 1G mini tube flavors: Banana Cream, Watermelon Wave, Berry Terps, and Mango OG.

Every pack has two rolls, holding up to 1g each with a convenient squeeze-and-pop flavored filter and packing stick. This is one of our best point-of-purchase displays, making it a must-have fixture in your store. You can even customize and refill it with other flavors as it runs out.

Once you've sold through the initial stock, you can effortlessly refill this display with a mix and match of King Palm’s 16 delicious mini tube flavors. This insider tip allows you to continually adapt to your customers' evolving tastes, ensuring that your display remains a profitable centerpiece on your counter. By rotating flavors based on what sells best, you can keep your inventory fresh while tailoring your King Palm display seasonally and based on product sales.


Mix & Match Flavors: King Palm 1G Mini Tube 20CT Displays

The King Palm 80ct mini dispenser display with 4 flavors

This counter display isn't just a practical solution for showcasing products; it's a perfect way to rotate and highlight flavors based on your customers' preferences. King Palm 1G Mini Tube 20ct Displays come in 16 delicious flavor options, so you can mix and match to suit your store's bestsellers once the original display runs out. Here is a closer look at the variety of options in each flavor category, along with recommended cannabis strains to elevate your customer experience. This serves as an excellent educational tool for you and your staff, ensuring everyone is well-versed in all King Palm flavors!


Baked Goods

Indulge your customers in the comforting flavors of delicious desserts as they get baked! This flavor category is perfect for customers that love a sweet treat.

King Palm Baked Goods flavors: strawberry shortcake, pumpkin cream, red velvet, and banana cream

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake is a sweet and creamy flavor that captures the essence of the classic fruity dessert. We recommend pairing it with Strawberry Cough, a strain known for its berry flavor and uplifting effects to provide a similar euphoria to eating cake.

Pumpkin Cream

Pumpkin Cream is perfect for the fall season or your customers who want to enjoy autumn all year round. This flavor offers a rich and creamy pumpkin experience. We recommend pairing it with Jack Herer, a strain known for its spicy, piney taste that will compliment the fall flavor of pumpkin spice.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet has a luxurious, rich chocolate and vanilla mix just like the popular baked treat. This flavor is in partnership with rapper The Game and even has his famous lyric “Love it or hate it, the Underdog’s on top!” on the packaging. For a decadent experience, we recommend pairing it with Vanilla Kush, a strain known for having the perfect blend vanilla, lavender, and a hint of citrus.

Banana Cream

Banana Cream is a ripe and creamy treat that’s both sweet and satisfying. Your customers will love how this flavor tastes just like whipped dessert. We suggest pairing this Banana Kush, to enhance the creamy banana flavor with a hybrid strain known for providing a mellow buzz.


Dank Drinks

We all know cottonmouth can be a killer so, King Palm created four refreshing flavors inspired by popular beverages that will instantly quench your customers' thirst. This flavor category is perfect for customers looking to sip and smoke in style.

King Palm Dank Drinks flavors: Pink Lemonade, Red Reign, Blue Grape, Suga Punch

Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade is a tangy and sweet blend that’s perfect for a refreshing smoke session on a hot summer day. We recommend pairing this with an energizing strain like Lemon Skunk, known for its bright citrus flavor and uplifting effects.

Red Reign

Red Reign features the uplifting flavors of an energy drink, perfect for a party or busy day. We suggest pairing this with Durban Poison, the perfect strain to help you stay productive, energized, or creative during your sesh.

Blue Grape

Blue Grape is the perfect mix of juicy grape and wild blueberry reminiscent of any purple beverage. This refreshing flavor pairs well with Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that smells and tastes like sweet berries.

Suga Punch

Suga Punch is a knockout blend of juicy oranges and pure honey. This flavor is in partnership with UFC fighter Sean O’Malley, who is famously nick-named “Suga Sean”. We recommend pairing this flavor with Orange Cookie, a hybrid strain that will offer a burst of citrus, that makes everyone feel like a champion with energizing properties.


Fruity Flavors

Fruit like mangos and citrus are rich in terpenes, so it only makes sense that their flavors also compliment the terpenes in kush. Bring the vibrant and exotic tastes of nature's candy to your store with King Palm fruity flavor options!

King Palm Fruity Flavors: peach pineapple, honey mango, fruit passion, and watermelon wave

Peach Pineapple

Peach Pineapple is a delightful combination of juicy peach and sweet pineapple, two fruits known for being extremely delicious. This flavor pairs well with Pineapple Express, an iconic weed strain known for its tropical pineapple essence and ability to make any stoner feel buzzy, alert, and creative.

Honey Mango

Enjoy the sweet sensation of Honey Mango, a fruity flavor with a hint of honey that will instantly transport any sesh to paradise. To enhance the juicy mango notes, we recommend pairing it with Mango Haze, a strain known for uplifting effects that will put your customers in a better mood.

Fruit Passion

For an exotic smoking experience, Fruit Passion is a tropical explosion of mixed fruits that is perfect for a beach smoke sesh or a staycation. We recommend pairing this flavor with Maui Wowie, a strain known for its sweet pineapple flavor and uplifting effects.

Watermelon Wave

Watermelon Wave is a refreshing and juicy watermelon flavor that’s perfect for summer. We recommend pairing it with Watermelon, a juicy indica-dominant strain known for its distinct fruity watermelon profile and relaxing benefits.


Classic Flavors

Some of your customers stick to the classics, so make sure to keep the universally loved King Palm flavors in stock for your clientele that keeps things traditional.

King Palm Classic Flavors: berry terps, lemon haze, magic mint, and mango og

Berry Terps

Berry Terps features a juicy burst of mixed berries that’s both sweet and tart. We recommend pairing it with Blueberry Kush, a popular indica-dominant strain known for its sweet berry flavor and insomnia-aiding effects.

Lemon Haze

Experience the invigorating effects of Lemon Haze, a zesty and citrusy flavor that will keep your customers' smoke sesh fresh. To enhance the citrusy, lemony notes, we recommend pairing it with Super Lemon Haze, a two-time cannabis cup winning sativa strain that gives a uniquely energetic and lively buzz.

Magic Mint

Magic Mint is a cult classic for King Palm. This cool mint flavor has always been a fan favorite, giving a uniquely fresh flavor to every hit. We recommend pairing it with Girl Scout Cookie, a widely popular strain that tastes like cool mint, sweet cherry, and bright lemon.

Mango OG

Enjoy the rich flavor of Mango OG, a smooth mango flavor with a classic twist. To deepen the juicy mango flavor, we recommend Mango Kush, a hybrid marijuana strain that tastes just like the actual fruit!


By strategically mixing and matching these flavors based on what sells best in your store, you can ensure that your King Palm Dispenser Display remains a popular and profitable fixture. Cater to your customers' tastes, keep your inventory fresh, and watch your sales (and shoppers) get high!



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