Time to Buy for 710

Just as we predicted at the beginning of the year, we’ve seen concentrates grow in popularity and prominence across the industry. We don’t anticipate this momentum slowing down soon, so it’s time to get your store fully prepared for the big concentrate holiday on July 10th! 7/10 is now referred to as OIL Day because the number 710 looks like the word OIL upside down. 

This is the perfect opportunity to put your selection of dab products and accessories on display. We have some tips for expanding your selection with innovative new products that solve common issues, as well as tips on how to merchandise them in an impactful way. 


Put Your Dab Rigs Front and Center 

4 mini dab rigs are lined up on a shelf. They are the Ooze Ocean Series Recycler mini rigs and the Ooze Toxic Barrel Quartz mini rig.

The most obvious pieces to put on full display are your glass dab rigs. While you may think that bigger is better when it comes to rigs for dabs, the opposite is true among connoisseurs. Mini rigs have been a major trend this year, so make sure your inventory is stocked with a variety of shapes and options. 

Different customers will be looking for different features in their rig preference. Some are more concerned with the glass material. Quartz is our top choice for rigs because it heats up and cools down quickly. However, others are more concerned with the shape of their piece. Minimal air inside the rig is desired to amplify flavors. Recycler mini rigs have a built-in handle with the recycler loop that makes using and holding the rig comfortable. Make sure you are asking customers what their preferences are! 


New Dab Products to Try 

The Ooze Hot Knife is connected to a Quad battery and the 20ct display is in the back. The black Stache DigiTul scale dab tool is on the right.

While we’re still waiting to see what the next big thing is in dab technology, we’ve added a few innovative new items to our selection since the start of the year. We highly recommend adding any of them to your next order to really wow your customers and show that you have the best selection around! 

The Ooze Hot Knife is taking off, and is now available in a 12ct POP display. Set it next to your 510 thread vape batteries and try putting one on display attached to a device to show exactly what the accessory is. We’re also excited about the Stache DigiTul Dab Tool Scale. It tells you exactly how much concentrate is on the dabber, which makes dosing these tricky substances much easier. 

A girl's hand is holding the blue Terpometer thermometer dab tool in front of the Truweigh 710 Pro digital scale kit for concentrates.

The Terpometer is a new dab tool that has a thermometer sensor end to find the perfect temperature for dabbing. We also have the Truweigh 710 Pro Kit, which has been one of our best-selling scales all year. While we haven’t seen many new larger devices and rigs release lately, we are thrilled to see all these new tools to make the process of dabbing simple and free of guesswork, which can deter smokers from even trying it. 


Experiment with Dab Tool Bundles 

Concentrate accessories like torches and cans of butane, bangers, dab tools, cotton swabs, and glass cleaner are also an essential part of the dab process. Make sure to include all these odds and ends in your 710 display section so customers can grab replacements. Also consider making dabbing starter packs by bundling accessories together for a discounted price. This sets beginners up for success while exposing them to new products they’ll want to replace or upgrade down the line. 

A girl's hand is holding several Ooze dab tools in front of a shelf full of POP displays of cans of butane gas.

Items like butane or non-stick dab tools are accessories every dabber needs and can always use a backup. Promoting that customers will receive a free can of butane, dab tool, or other accessory with purchase is a good way to increase order values. When a customers knows they’re getting something extra with their purchase, they may opt for a higher-priced item since they have more of their budget to spend. 


Prepare Your Staff to Provide Instructions and Demos 

Unlike 420 where you may just have to instruct someone on how to pack a bowl or how much water to put in their bong, the new users that come in for 710 may need a bit more instruction. Dabbing is a process that often requires a torch, which can be scary. Offer alternatives like the ConNectar or Ooze Pronto that make dabbing quick, accessible, and torch-free.  

A girl's hand is holding a rainbow Ooze x Stache ConNectar attached to a rainbow Ooze pen. It is aimed into the "e" of the Ooze Stash Station, and a rainbow Ooze Pronto is displayed to the left.

Create a comfortable environment by educating your employees on all new items that come in and making sure they are inquiring about specific customer needs. Make sure that the items you have out of the box on display are assembled so you can give a quick demo so customers leave feeling confident about using their new piece. Customers will return to a place that makes them feel welcome and not like they are stupid for asking a simple question! 


While 710 may not be as prominent of a holiday as 420, you can still expect a crowd to roll through for the big day! Now is the time to get your order in to make sure the most popular items are still in stock and can be delivered with plenty of time to get them on your shelves. Reach out to your sales rep for more specific recommendations for your business!