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Trending Now: Mini Dab Rigs

Trending Now: Mini Dab Rigs

Layne Alfred |

Concentrates are the hot topic of 2022, and with rising popularity comes more knowledge. With more passionate dabbers around, the latest trend in the cannabis world is, not surprisingly, mini dab rigs! Different styles and materials of mini rigs impact functionality, so it’s important to be stocked up on a variety of options.

Benefits of Mini Dab Rigs 

Giant bongs are great for collecting tons of filtered weed smoke and taking huge rips, but dabbing is a different story. Real dab lovers are more concerned about savoring all the terpene flavors than getting a ton of THC at once, and mini dab rigs satisfy this in a fun-size package.

 A graphic showing 3 of the Ooze Ocean Recycler mini dab rigs with blue accents. Above the rig images are two phrases that say "Mini Dab Rig = Less Air" and "Less Air = More Flavor"

The science behind why mini rigs produce more flavorful hits than larger ones is simple: there’s less air involved. Terpenes start degrading as soon as they touch the air when they’re vaporized, so less air inside the rig leads to more flavorful dabs. With a mini rig, you preserve as many delicate terpenes as possible.

Best Types of Mini Dab Rigs

Two Ooze mini dab rigs are shown side by side with a call out listed next to each. On the left is the Quartz Toxic Barrel mini rig that says "Quartz = Flavor". On the right is an Ocean Recycler mini rig that says "Borosilicate = Potency".

Quartz Mini Rigs

The Ooze Toxic Barrel all-quartz mini dab rig is shown on a wood pedestal next to it's packaging and accessories. It has a bubble carb cap inserted, a teal Geode silicone glass stash jar, and dab tool shown on the side.

If you’re really going for the maximum flavor, quartz is ideal. Quartz glass has a huge coefficient of expansion, which means it will heat up quickly and retain heat for longer. Quartz, especially in the form of a mini rig, is great for cold-start dabbing. This technique involves heating the banger with your torch after loading your concentrates. This allows the dab to melt at the very lowest temp possible, preserving more of the terpenes. Our favorite quartz mini rig is the Ooze Toxic Barrel Rig, which is great for customers who prefer the cold-start method and are looking for very flavorful, delicious dabs.

Borosilicate Glass Mini Rigs

Four mini rigs from the Ooze Ocean Recycler Mini Dab Rig series are shown, one in different accent colors. From left to right the colors are Sea Star, Ultra Marine, Ocean Green, and Sea Sand Amber

Mini rigs made of borosilicate glass are better for those looking for a super potent, intoxicating hit. These tend to be more intricate pieces with features like recyclers and percs that add extra filtration and cool down the vapor further. Since these features pull the smoke through the water and air more rapidly, they travel further through the rig. This type of mini rig is great for hot-start dabbing, where the banger is heated up with a torch before the dab is dropped into the banger, instantly vaporizing. These glass rigs tend to make the dab less flavorful overall, but will produce a stronger hit. Borosilicate mini rigs like the Ooze Recyclers are great for customers who prefer the hot-start method. The Ocean Recyclers also each have a recycler loop that extends out the back of each piece. This makes for a perfect little handle to hold the rig while dabbing.

We love the fact that Ooze released both a quartz and a boro glass version of the mini rig at the same time, because no matter what method of dabbing your customer prefers, you can quickly get an option stocked for them.

Now that you’re an expert on mini rigs and their benefits, get ready to transfer that knowledge to your customers. Stay ahead of the game by stocking the exact styles of pieces your customers are looking for!

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