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Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose Ooze?

Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose Ooze?

Samantha Catrambone |

Although the vaping industry is fairly new, there is one brand that has been nationally recognized since the beginning. With groundbreaking technology that instantly exceeded industry standards, the Ooze brand has made quite the name for itself. Their cult following is completely understandable and one of the many reasons we love having them in the Cannatron family. We are so incredibly proud of our owned brand Ooze and the milestones this brand has achieved since becoming a household name in the cannabis accessory industry.

Ooze founders in front of Ooze branded slim green tents outside at Ooze giving fundraiser

Who is Ooze? 

When vape batteries were first introduced, the market was flooded with mediocre options that were cheap and unreliable. The founders of Ooze grew sick and tired of buying faulty batteries that kept breaking in a day, dying right after being charged, and even overheating in their pockets. They knew someone needed to step up and change the vape industry for the better. The goal was simple, to create quality vape pen batteries equipped with impeccable battery life, unique features, and enhanced safety mechanisms that customers could count on. With this vision, the Ooze brand was born.

Ooze slim twist vape battery in front of window with view of Honolulu mountain in the background

Why Choose Ooze?

Today, Ooze is home to the nation’s bestselling vape pen battery, the Slim Twist. The Slim Twist has become a household name and an iconic category-killing product customers can’t get enough of. With so much success in the vaping market, Ooze has expanded their product line to include tons of other high-quality cannabis accessory options that are equally as exciting. They strive to design unique products that are simple enough for a new user to master while still catching the eye of a seasoned veteran. With tons of innovative creations like their signature vape pens to out-of-this-world silicone glass hybrids to smell-proof accessories and trippy rolling trays, Ooze truly has everything your customers could ask for.

Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen 

Multicolored Ooze Slim Twist vape batteries in front of orange, red, and green background.

The Slim Twist Vape Pen Battery is not only the best-selling pen in the country, it's also the most recognizable with 15 color options to choose from. With built-in overcharge protection, adjustable voltage, and preheat mode, this 320 mAh vape pen is a staple in any smoke shop.

  • The Slim Twist is compatible with much more than just oil cartridges. Ooze is constantly coming up with new attachments that make this battery incredibly versatile. Take the Hot Knife electric dab tool for example. This small ceramic tip screws onto the battery, and makes handling dabs simple by heating the tip so the wax drips off directly into the banger with no mess or residue.

Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout

Ooze slugger dabbin dugout in multiple colors in front of yellow, green, and orange background.

The patent-pending design of the Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout is just as unique as it is functional. This portable dabbing travel kit is equipped with everything your customers need to enjoy cannabis concentrates on-the-go. It's durable, discreet, and easy to use. Plus, it has four storage compartments so your customers can easily organize their strains. Ooze knew that the cannabis community needs something new, and delivered with this innovative dabbing sensation!

Ooze Resolution Glass Cleaner

Ooze resolution glass cleaner on yellow table with green and orange background

Any smoke shop that sells glass products should also carry a glass cleaner that can help their customers keep their new pieces looking brand new. Ooze Resolution Gel Glass Cleaner is just the product every shop needs to have on their shelves. It's not only non-toxic and alcohol-free, but it's also reusable which makes it as earth-friendly as possible. Plus, it gets to work cleaning glass quickly by only taking 60 seconds to make your customer's dirty pieces shine.

Limited Edition Ooze Collectibles

Each year, the Ooze team dreams up different rolling tray designs that are then transformed into all sorts of different accessories, like lanyards, stickers, apparel items, and even reusable grocery bags. These limited edition designs are only available during the year they were created. Once they're gone, they're gone for good! Your customers that love the brand will return again and again to pick up these collectible items because they know they won't be around forever.

The Ooze Brain Storm rolling tray is shown on an angle. This is the 2022 Theme of the Year design.

The 2022 collectible design series is the Ooze Brain Storm! This crazy collage pattern features all sorts of fun stoner decals and icons. It's what the Ooze team imagined they would see if they could take a peek inside a smoker's brain right after a smoke session. This collection includes the classic small and medium metal rolling trays, plus a lanyard, wrapped vape battery, reusable grocery bags, stickers, and some cool clothing items. These make a big impact when all the individual pieces are displayed together in-store! 

Ooze for Wholesale Distribution 

Ooze products are a necessity for any smoke shop because your customers are likely to ask for their products by name. When customers come into a shop, it can be for a variety of reasons, but they are usually looking for high-quality products at a reasonable price. These are key factors that Ooze prioritizes with every product they create, so you can be sure that your customers' needs are satisfied. Plus, Ooze has tons of upselling opportunities available. Check out our blog Upselling Opportunities: Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel for tips.  

The Cannatron Team is determined to select partner brands that further our mission, vision, and goal to Own the Shelf. Ooze has shown us what to look for in other brands because they know how to create category-killing products that keep customers coming back. 

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