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Cannatron Partner Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder

Cannatron Partner Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder

Layne Alfred |

Santa Cruz Shredder is the newest Partner Brand to join Cannatron. Santa Cruz Shredder is a high-end line of mostly grinders, but have expanded into accessories, too! We’re now carrying their metal grinders, hemp grinders, hemp rolling trays, and hemp rolling tray kits.

A blue Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Tray Kit is shown with the three layers hovering to show everytihng that's included.

Not only are we now offering this innovative line of products, but you’ll get them at the best price possible. As one of our Master Brands, we offer the absolute best pricing on the market, which provides you with huge margins on these popular items. You won’t find better deals for these products from any other distributor!


A display of Santa Cruz Shredder printed hemp rolling trays is shown.

What makes the Santa Cruz Shredder so special?

Revolutionary Tooth Pattern

Their grinder tooth pattern is patented to turn flawlessly for years. It’s designed to cut your herbs multiple ways, so you never end up with chunks, just fluffy perfection.  The Shredder is also built with rounded base threading, not razor sharp teeth, which can wear down your grinder faster and take a lot more effort to get going.


Only the Strongest Metals 

Three Santa Cruz Shredder aluminum herb grinders are shown. On the top is a blue 2pc large grinder, bottom left shows a green 4-piece small grinder, and the bottom right has a purple 4-piece medium weed grinder.


Along with a better grind, the Santa Cruz Shredder is built with super strong magnets (Neodymium Diametrically Magnetized Cylindrical Rare Earth magnets to be exact, so you know it’s the real deal). This makes the grinder that much more durable and long-lasting. It also provides a tighter seal, so you can store your ground or unground nugs, knowing they’ll be kept fresh and sticky. The stainless steel screen is also super strong and will never stretch, fray or break. They’re very fine as well, so no impurities other than finely ground nugs and kief can get through.


Santa Cruz x Cookies Collaboration

Santa Cruz Shredders also collaborated with Cookies to create hemp grinders and trays (which we’re also proud to carry)! These hemp grinders are biodegradable and super durable—more than any other plastic grinder we’ve seen. Another thing that’s great about these grinders is that they’re very beginner-friendly, with sizes called out as Small, Medium and Large as opposed to 50mm or 63mm. This collaboration is all about making it simple and straightforward for all customers.

A group of 5 small 2-piece Santa Cruz Shredder hemp grinders are shown, the grinder in front is blue and the lid is askew.

We chose Santa Cruz Shredders as a Partner Brand because they go above and beyond to guarantee they are putting out a quality, reliable product. We love that they are constantly seeking to improve on the products they already have, but at the same time, they don’t try to overcomplicate things. Stock up on these revolutionary grinders and tools today to guarantee your customers the fluffiest grind ever!

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