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Cannatron Partner Brand Pop Cones

Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose Pop Cones?

Jane Wagner |

Pop Cones have popped onto the scene in a big way! This brand of pre-rolled cones is the latest Cannatron Partner Brand and we are excited to offer their line of products at the best prices available anywhere.

Pre-rolled cones are a staple in our industry. They are essential for dispensaries because pre-rolls hold such a large market share, and are a product category with a huge turnover. They have been growing in popularity in smoke shops and convenience stores as well, especially in personal packs of 3, 10, or other non-bulk quantity packs.

Why Choose Pop Cones?

Pop Cones offer their premium pre-rolled cones in both bulk boxes and retail displays. This means that they understand the market and cater to multiple types of customers. Processors and dispensaries can order the wholesale bulk pre-rolled cones to fill in their cone filling machines to produce pre-rolls at scale.

8 retail POP displays of Pop Cones are displayed on a smoke shop shelf alongside the other rolling papers and wraps.

Smoke shops and other retailers will order the retail displays. These POP displays include 24 boxes each containing 3 or 6 cones. This is a great deal for customers who love smoking joints but don’t like rolling up or simply don’t know how. Make joints accessible to everyone with Pop Cones!

The First Flavored Pre-Rolled Cones

A single Pop Cone is held up in front of the Pop Cone retail displays. You can see where it says to pop the flavor bead on the filter tip.

Pop Cones take the pre-roll game up a notch with their flavors. Instead of infusing chemicals or additives into the paper that is burned, Pop Cones tucks a small flavor bead inside each filter tip. If you’ve purchased King Palm wraps from us before, then you’re familiar with how this works. Squeeze and pop the bead to release the infused oils to flavor the smoke.

A girl with white nail polish holds a single box of 6 1 1/4 size Banana Cream Pop Cones and a box of 3 king size Strawberry Jam Pop Cones in front of the other Pop Cones displays.

Pop Cones fits in perfectly with the rest of our product offerings! Now you can purchase wholesale flavored pre-rolled cones made out of natural, unbleached paper AND palm leaves. We are always looking for quality options that put our customers’ health first and foremost. Pop Cones adds flavor to the joint in a safe way that ensures no chemicals are burned and inhaled.

Simple Product Line

8 bulk boxes of 400 Pop Cones are displayed together on a shelf in a smoke shop. They are arranged by flavor.

Pop Cones keeps their product line short and sweet. There’s no need for extra fluff here. Pop Cones offers 4 different flavors: Tropical Mango, Banana Cream, Super Sweet, and Strawberry Jam. These flavors aren’t overpowering but complement the natural terpene flavors. These 4 flavors are offered in 2 standard rolling paper sizes: 1 ¼ size and King size.

We carry the 1 ¼ size cones in a bulk box of 400 that processors can load right into their cone filling machine. The 1 ¼ retail display holds 24 boxes of 6 cones. The King size also comes in 400-count bulk boxes, but because these cones are larger, the kingsize retail display includes 24 boxes of 3 cones instead of 6.

We are thrilled to bring Pop Cones into the Cannatron Partner Brand family! This new partnership means that we can offer our customers exclusive pricing on these up-and-coming products. There’s no risk to trying out this brand because the margins are incredible! You can take our word that these are products that will turn in your store.


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