Upselling Opportunities: Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel

Welcome to another edition of Cannatron’s Upselling Opportunities where we highlight our favorite product add-ons that your customers are sure to love. One of these is the Ooze Resolution cleaning gel pouch. This revolutionary glass cleaner is easy to add to any glass purchase. Ooze Resolution cleans quickly, circumventing the need for any soaking, scrubbing or scraping. The best part? The liquid is reusable! Your customers will appreciate your suggestion for something cost-effective that will ultimately save them money.


A 4-pack of green Ooze Resolution silicone cleaning caps in the original packaging are shown against a light background with a faint pattern that resembles a control panel.


The Ooze Resolution Res Caps are also a great upsell for the gel pouches. These make cleaning any type of water pipe so much easier because they plug all the holes, eliminating the risk of making a mess and allowing you to really shake the hell out of it.



Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel

A pouch of the Ooze Resolution glass cleaning gel is shown full and zipped. There is a white and purple non-toxic call out bubble over the upper right corner.

Your customers prefer a range of different pieces, so explain to them that this cleaning gel can be used with bongs, bowls, one hitters and dab rigs. How it’s used doesn’t vary much between types of pieces, but there are a few tips and tricks you can relay for each. 


A green Ooze Cryo freezable glass hand pipe is shown on an angle. The title is written in purple and says "Bowls and Pipes" and the name of the pipe is listed under the right corner.


For small pieces likes bowls and chillums, using Ooze Resolution couldn’t be easier. The pouch containing the gel is resealable, so users can drop their piece right into the pouch. Seal it up, give it a shake, let it sit for a couple minutes, and when it comes out, it will be sparkling clean. This is the only cleaning gel you can do this with—because it’s reusable, it will clean just as well the second and third time.


A pink Ooze Glyco freezable glycerin-filled bong water pipe is shown with the matching bowl inserted. The title reads "Bongs" written in purple and the name of the piece is written below it.


Obviously a bong won’t fit inside the pouch, so direct bong users to pour the gel directly inside a dry bong. They can still drop glass attachments in the pouch. For bongs, the Res Caps really come in handy. Cover openings with the caps and shake the piece around to coat the entire inside with gel. Let it sit then rinse with hot water.

The beauty of this cleaning gel is customers can use as much as they feel they need in a single cleaning, because it will ultimately be poured right back into the pouch for reuse later.


The Ooze Toxic Barrel all quartz mini dab rig. The rig is shown with the packaging, Geode stash jar, quartz banger, and stainless steel dab tool.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs, like the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Rig, will be cleaned the same way as bongs and large water pipes. Pour the gel into the piece and plug the holes with the Res Caps. Open up the pouch and stick the banger and carb cap right inside. After a hot rinse, everything should look brand new.

The Ooze Resolution cleaning gel is a unique product that your customers won’t even know they needed. It probably wasn’t what they hit the smoke shop for in the first place, making it a great upselling opportunity. It’s a cost-effective product that will appeal to the vast majority of your demographic, further developing the trust between you while increasing your average order values. A win-win!