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Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose Truweigh?

Partner Brand Highlight: Why Choose Truweigh?

Samantha Catrambone |

Truweigh scale in black in front of a striped wall with blue and dark blue stripes

Scales are essential in a variety of weighing applications spanning many industries. In many of these applications, accuracy, reliability, and precision are vital to the core of operating successfully. This is one of the many reasons Truweigh scales push the boundaries of design and capability, so customers can get accurate weighing results from reliable products they can trust.

Truweigh designs scales for specific commercial and non-commercial applications in mind. Whether you want to weigh out medicinal products, kitchen ingredients for your weekly meal prep, luggage for your next big trip, or a fish you just caught out on the lake, Truweigh has a unique product designed specifically to ensure maximum accuracy.

When we choose companies to bring into Cannatron’s House Of Brands, it’s because they offer new ideas and fresh products that we know our customers will love. That’s why we are so incredibly proud of our exclusive partnership with Truweigh and the impact we can have in the digital scale space as a team.

Truweigh TUFF weight scales in three colors green, red, and orange

Who is Truweigh?

The UK company Dalman Enterprises has been crafting revolutionary and trustworthy products in the European mini-scale market for over 30 years. After dominating the market in Europe, the UK company decided it was time to bring their iconic products to marketplaces overseas. In the summer of 2017, Dalman recognized that North America was in desperate need of innovation in the digital scale market. With this in mind, they created the North American brand Truweigh.

The response since the launch of Truweigh has been incredible. Customers love the fresh ideas and designs Truweigh has continued to bring to the North American digital scale space. The Truweigh mission has always been very straightforward, to innovate and promote quality products with fairness and respect.

Truweigh Scale with Truweigh background

Why choose Truweigh?

Truweigh knows that a scale is not a one size fits all product. Every occasion has unique requirements that only a scale made for that specific application can deliver. This is one of the many reasons Truweigh continues to bring new scales to the market with specific applications in mind.

If you are looking for a kitchen scale, Truweigh has a line of scales equipped with a food-grade silicone collapsible bowl that's perfect for weighing out snacks. If you are looking for a scale that measures cannabis concentrates, Truweigh has a kit designed specifically for taking on the difficult task of measuring sticky extracts. If you need a scale that can handle the elements, Truweigh has several water-resistant scales that are IP65 rated for water and dust. Whatever application you need a scale for, Truweigh has thought of a way to make it happen.

Truweigh Crimson Bowl with strawberries and bananas meal prep

Truweigh knows how crucial it is to make sure customers are getting a scale that has the capacity, readability, accuracy, and precision for their specific application needs. That’s why they make it easy with tons of different product ranges to choose from. This way, every customer can find a product that they can count on.

Truweigh for Wholesale Distribution

Digital scales are a staple in any smoke shop, and for any smoke shop distributor. While customers are coming in for different specific needs, the majority are looking for affordable, reliable scales that produce readings quickly. These are qualities that Truweigh prioritizes with every scale they produce, so you can be sure that whatever models you decide to stock will satisfy your customers' needs.

Truweigh scales come in cases from 10 scales up to 50 scales, and we have loose items as well as counter displays available. These scales stand out on the shelf because Truweigh invests in quality materials not only for the actual devices, but for packaging as well. Every Truweigh product you receive will arrive in professional packaging with batteries included, and a 10-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

The Cannatron Team is dedicated to selecting Partner Brands that further our mission, vision, and goal to own the shelf. We choose Truweigh because it is a company that understands what it takes to create category-killing products that keep customers coming back.

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