Introducing the NEW Pronto Electronic Vaporizer From Ooze

Dabbing doesn’t have to be complicated. Ooze has developed a unique electronic concentrate vaporizer that is perfect for your customers who love concentrates. With the NEW Ooze Pronto, your customers can walk out the door, open their favorite concentrate container, turn on their vape, and inhale a flavorful hit!

The 4 colors of the Ooze Pronto electric nectar collector are lined up, with a white hand holding the rainbow on the right side, dabbing out of a purple Geode. The other colors from left to right are black, silver and gold..

This powerful vape device is a portable dabbing solution your customers will love. It is designed with inexperienced users and seasoned dabbers in mind, so it is a great option for a wide range of your customers. If you have a customer that is new to dabbing, you can offer them the Ooze Pronto as a great tool to use that will help them learn all about temperature ranges and terpene flavors. If a dabbing expert comes into your store, you can offer them the Ooze Pronto as a quick nectar collector to take on the go. In this blog, we will discuss why you should stock your store with the Ooze Pronto and how to use it!  

Why Should You Use Stock Your Store with the Ooze Pronto?  

6 white icons are shown in 2 rows, these explain the features of the Ooze Pronto electric nectar collector. The top row has No Torch Needed, Easy to Use, and Compact Design. The second row has Rapid Charge, Dab Anywhere, and Flex Temp

The Ooze Pronto is a powerful electric nectar collector designed to elevate your customer's on-the-go dabbing sessions. Here are some key reasons why you should stock your store with the Ooze Pronto!  

1. Great Price Point

The Pronto was designed to be extremely competitive in this fast-growing category. Electric nectar collectors are growing in popularity, but many of them are on the pricier side. The Pronto is one of the first to make this technology affordable without sacrificing function. This device stands out from the competition because it performs the same duties for much less money!

2. No Torch Needed

Torches can be scary and deter customers from the dabbing process in general. If this sounds like some of your customers, the Ooze Pronto Electronic Concentrate Vaporizer is a fantastic option to offer them. All they have to do is turn on their Ooze Pronto, grab their favorite concentrates, and enjoy a flavorful smoke session.  

3. Clapton Coil Technology    

Every Ooze Pronto Vaporizer contains a coil tip that has a large surface area. The spacious surface gives your customer’s dab more room to spread out. This makes it possible to vaporize the terpene molecules individually. This design allows the Ooze Pronto to create extremely potent and flavorful clouds that your customers will love!

These coils are also replaceable! The same coils used with the Ooze x Stache ConNectar are compatible with the Pronto. You can stock replacement coil 2-packs that work for both devices.

4. Functional Design  

Stache designed the Ooze Pronto to be fast, functional, and reliable. It features a rapid charge battery, flexible temperature options so your customers can taste every terpene and a compact design that will fit comfortably in your customer's pocket! 

How To Use the Ooze Pronto    


A white person is holding the rainbow Ooze Pronto electric nectar collector with the travel cap removed.

Teaching your customers how to use the Ooze Pronto will be super painless! First, they just have to remove the cap, heat the Ooze Pronto by clicking the button, and dab your favorite concentrates straight out of the container. Remind them to put the cap back on as soon as the dab session is over! This will protect them from the hot coil tip. If they ask about cleaning the Ooze Pronto, tell them to unscrew the coil when its completely cooled down and soak it in isopropyl alcohol.

Ooze Pronto Wholesale   

4 Ooze Pronto electric nectar collectors are lined up in a row. From left to right they are silver, gold, rainbow and black.

The Ooze Pronto is available in 4 colors: Black, Gold, Rainbow, and Silver. We suggest taking them out and displaying them around your store, next to products that make sense. Products like the Ooze Honey Pot Container, Clapton Coil Replacements, or any other concentrate-related products would be a great display option!