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Introducing the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig

Introducing the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig

Samantha Catrambone |

Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig

Ooze understands that mini dab rigs are growing in popularity due to their ability to produce more flavor in every hit. That’s why they created the Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig, the first all-quartz piece by Ooze. Your concentrate-loving customers will be lining up to experience the flavor this mini dab rig can deliver. In this blog, we will discuss why you should stock your store with the new Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig.

Why Should You Stock Your Store with the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig? 

The Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig is designed to preserve terpene flavors and comes with everything your customers need to start dabbing. Let's talk more about some of the other key reasons your customers will love seeing the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig on your shelves!

All Quartz Top to Bottom

 The Ooze Toxic Barrel quartz mini dab rig is held in the palm of a young white woman.

Quartz is a highly sought-after material for dab rigs. It has a huge coefficient of expansion, which means that it's great for handling heat. The Toxic Barrel Mini is Ooze’s first all quartz dab rig. As far as glass goes, Quartz is also a durable material and will not crack when exposed to the extremely high temperatures needed during the dabbing process. 

Less Air = More Flavor 

Mini rigs are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to produce extreme flavor in every hit. Terpenes lose flavor when they touch air. With a short path from torch to mouth, the Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig delivers the perfect amount of cooling and filtration without diluting your customer's inhale. It's also an excellent choice for cold start dabbing for your customers that love to get taste the flavor of their terpenes.

Mini Dab rig infographic mini rig= less air less air = more flavor

Classic Ooze Reimagined

The Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig is designed to look like an overflowing barrel of radioactive waste which is a classic Ooze motif. When Ooze created the Toxic Barrel Rig, they wanted to create a colorless piece that still represents the bold and bright vibe of the Ooze brand. Your customers will love this elevated look and feel that still allows them to live the Ooze Life.

How To Use Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig

A white person's hand is holding a white Ooze Slim Twist vape battery with a Hot Knife electric dab tool attachment. It is being used to drop a dab of wax into the Toxic Barrel's quartz banger.

Your customers will love how easy the Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig is to use! They can use it the same way they would use any dab rig. All they have to do is heat the quartz banger, drop in a dab (we suggest offering them the Ooze Hot Knife this part), inhale, and enjoy. If your customers ask how to clean their new rig, we suggest offering them the Ooze Resolution Gel Cleaner because it will instantly clean off any stubborn resin. You can also suggest that they grab a 100ct box of Ooze Resolution Micro Swabs to clean their banger, mouth, and carb cap before/after use. Talk about tons of upselling opportunities!

Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig Wholesale

The Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Dab Rig full kit. The packaging is shown next to the full quartz rig, quartz banger, carb cap, dab tool, and Geode silicone glass stash jar

Every package comes with a Toxic Barrel mini rig, quartz banger, bubble carb cap, surgical-grade steel dabber, and an Ooze Geode stash jar. We suggest taking one out of the package so your customers can get the full effect and see everything that comes with their new mini rig. You can also display near your torch selection and the Ooze Hot Knife so your customers can have everything they need to enjoy their concentrates!

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