Introducing the Ooze Hot Knife Dab Tool

Dabbing doesn’t have to be a sticky situation for your customers. The NEW Ooze Hot Knife Dab Tool is designed to eliminate the complex process of dabbing. Some of your customers have probably been deterred from smoking concentrates because of how difficult and messy dabs are to handle. The Ooze Hot Knife is an electric dab tool vape attachment designed to eliminate that mess and hassle from the dabbing experience. In this blog, we will discuss why you should stock your store with the Ooze Hot Knife.

 4 Ooze Hot Knifes and Ooze Quads in Ghost White, Ultra Purple, Ruby Red, and Sapphire Blue

Why Should you Stock your Store with the Ooze Hot Knife?   

The Ooze Hot Knife is a powerful vape attachment for dabs that are designed to elevate your customer's smoke sesh by eliminating the mess. It's an affordable vape attachment upgrade that’s sure to be nothing like what your customers have seen before. Here are some key reasons why you should stock your store with the Ooze Hot Knife!   

1. The Ooze Hot Knife is Compatible with Most Vape Batteries  

 The Ooze Hot Knife is paired with 4 Ooze Slim Twist vape pen batteries in assorted colors. The Hot Knife is attached to some and laying next to others, with the cap removed.

The Ooze Hot Knife is compatible with most 510 threaded vape batteries with buttons that you already sell in-store. As long as the battery has a button and is not auto-draw, the Ooze Hot Knife will be a perfect fit! We suggest displaying it near the Ooze Slim Twist or Ooze Quad Display. These two battery options will work perfectly with the Ooze Hot Knife and your customers can even match the colorway of their battery with the attachment!   

2. This Vape Attachment is an Easy Upselling Opportunity   

We bet you don't have anything like this in your store, which makes the Ooze Hot Knife an excellent product for upselling. Suggest it as an add-on for any customer purchasing a vape battery, a nectar collector, a dab rig, or concentrates. Your customers will love the option to buy an affordable pen upgrade that instantly enhances their dabbing experience.

3. Customers will Love being able to Dab Anywhere   

The Ooze Hot Knife is attached to a white Ooze vape battery and is being used to drop a dab into the banger of the all quartz Ooze Toxic Barrel Mini Rig.

Dabbing doesn't have to be a mess. With the Ooze Hot Knife, your customers can take dabs anywhere they want! The Ooze Hot Knife comes with a unique Travel Cap that your customers can take off when in use and put back on when they want to store it away. This makes it a great option for portable dabs and mess-free travel!  

4. Easy Maintenance and Upkeep Your Customers Will Love  

The Ooze Hot Knife is super easy to clean and can be used time after time with proper care. The medical-grade ceramic tip is extremely durable and made to last. To clean the Ooze Hot Knife after use, your customers should wait a few minutes for the ceramic tip to cool completely and then wipe it down with an Ooze Resolution Wipe to scrub off any sticky residue. The easy upkeep is an excellent selling point!  

Ooze Hot Knife Wholesale

Ooze Hot Knife Display 20ct with Chrome, Gold, Black, Rainbow

The Ooze Hot Knife POP display is a 20ct and includes all 4 colors: Green, Aqua Teal, Black, and Rasta. We suggest displaying near products that make sense. Products like the Ooze Slim Twist, Ooze Quad, Ooze Resolution Wipes, or any other dab-related products would be a strategic upselling opportunity!