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Different Types of Quartz Bangers Explained

Different Types of Quartz Bangers Explained

Layne Alfred |

We predict that 2022 will be the year of concentrates, so stock up on the biggest and newest dabbing necessity: quartz bangers. No matter what styles you do choose to stock in your store, they should all be quartz glass. This material handles heat extremely well and can withstand the intense, prolonged heat from a torch, making it one of the only quality options for concentrates. It also preserves and transmits the flavor of the wax better than any other material previously used for dabs, like titanium and ceramic.

Having as many options of quartz bangers as possible will be key in staying busy and upselling customers who may just be getting into wax and concentrates. These little babies can get easily lost and even broken if mishandled, so even customers not initially coming in for a banger may decide it’s the right time to replace their broken one.

It’ll also be important to know the benefits of each style and shape so you can best satisfy your customers’ needs (which is largely based on the size and shape of the oil rig and carb cap they have at home). Here are the most popular types of quartz bangers to have stocked and ready!


90-Degree Banger

Ooze 90 Degree Quartz Banger

The neck of the banger sits at a 90-degree angle, which is an ideal position to use with a dab tool. This is one of the most popular shapes of quartz bangers due to its easy use.


45-Degree Banger

Ooze 45 Degree Quartz Glass Banger

At a 45-degree angle, this style of banger is typically used to convert bongs that won’t fit a 90-degree banger into a dab rig.


Thermal Banger

Ooze Double-Wall Thermal Quartz Banger

Thermal bangers feature double quartz glass walls, melting the wax and providing a more even heating experience. The inner cup for concentrates separates the concentrates from the flame. 


Flat Bottom Banger

Stache Flat Bottom Quartz Banger

The flat bottom design is also a way to get a super even melt. They typically have thicker bottoms that absorb more heat and stay hot longer.


Round Bottom Banger

Stache Round Bottom Quartz Banger

The round bottom banger, on the other hand, provides more gradual heating due to the “bubble” design. The concentrates will melt with residual, indirect heat from the torch.


Drop-in Dish / Flat Top Insert

White Rhino Quartz Drop-In Dish for Bangers

A drop-in dish is exactly what it sounds like. Concentrates are loaded into the flat-top dish and dropped into the banger. This helps preserve your banger and, similar to the thermal banger, greatly improves heat distribution. No burnt wax here!


Terp Slurper

Tiki Quartz Terp Slurper 90 Degree Banger

The “terp slurper” design of bangers is essentially a straw that extends through the bottom of the banger and empties into another glass dish. When the dab is loaded into the top, it will melt it’s way down the narrow tube and drip into the bottom cup. The terp slurper shape provides massive hits at low temps.


Barrel Banger

Tiki Quartz Double Barrel 90 Degree Banger

The barrel banger resembles two flat bottom bangers stacked on top of each other. These two “barrels” are connected only by a smaller hole, and the bottom chamber has two additional airholes that vaporizes every last drop of that dab.


Volcano Banger / Bell-Shaped Flare Banger

Tiki Quartz Volcano Bell-Shaped 90 Degree Banger

The volcano shape or bell-shaped flare bubbler has a larger base and gets narrow towards the top. The larger base provides a larger surface area for the wax to heat. An extended base and airflow holes essentially create a vacuum, giving it a harder and bigger pull.


Terp Pearls

White Rhino Quartz Glow in the Dark Terp Pearls Balls

Terp pearls or terp balls are another way to get all the concentrates from your loaded dab. A relatively new innovation, they are 6mm glass balls that are simply dropped into the banger before any wax is loaded. One or two is enough to help move the concentrates around in the banger while it’s being heated with the torch.


As you can see, the popularity of dabbing has pushed out so many fun new accessories that continue to raise the bar. Keep as many options for quartz bangers in your store as possible and educate customers on how they can improve their own dabbing experience! Check out all our options for quartz bangers here, available in a variety of quantities.

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