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What to Expect Ahead of 4/20

What to Expect Ahead of 4/20

Samantha Catrambone |

April is right around the corner, so it's time to strategize for 4/20. We recommend maximizing your efforts this year by planning for an uptick in foot traffic throughout the month and anticipating the needs of specific cannabis customer segments. This article will help you gain insight on what to expect ahead of the holiday so you can plan your strategy accordingly and get the edge on the competition.


What to Expect Ahead of 4/20: Foot Traffic

As 4/20 approaches, knowing what to expect is important so you can order your inventory well in advance. With the holiday landing on a Saturday this year, you should anticipate a significant influx of last-minute shoppers on Thursday, Friday, and the morning of Saturday. We also expect dispensary foot traffic to peak on the 20th as customers look to purchase accessories and new items to enhance their 4/20 experience.


Contrary to the "lazy stoner" stereotype, many cannabis enthusiasts, especially those in states where cannabis has recently become legal, have been eagerly anticipating the holiday and will start shopping well in advance. So, make sure you are well aware of this when placing your orders so you don’t sell out before the big day!


Cater to Every Type of Customer This 4/20: The Power of Cannabis Market Segmentation

In the fast-paced world of cannabis commerce, navigating the landscape is more than having great products on your shelves; it requires strategic insight into cannabis consumer behavior. Market segmentation is a great way to understand your customer's needs better. By dividing your clientele into distinct groups based on shared characteristics such as demographics, psychographics, behavior, and preferences, you can dive into the psyche of your audience.


Market segmentation can also pave the way for targeted in-store and digital marketing campaigns that appeal to specific consumer groups. By aligning your strategies with the unique characteristics of each consumer segment, you can maximize sales this 4/20. How do you start segmenting your customers? Here are a few cannabis market segmentation groups to expect this holiday:


Canna Curious

Whether they haven't touched cannabis since their college days or are entirely new to the plant, expect 4/20 to bring a significant influx of canna-curious consumers into your store. To cater to this segment, consider creating a dedicated "Canna Curious Section" featuring your easiest-to-use products that will guarantee a successful first experience.


Holding a rasta Ooze Bowser silicone pipe above a 12ct display of the pipes


Novice users are not looking for a product with all the bells and whistles, so standard hand pipesbongs, vape pens, and grinders will be perfect options to promote. We also recommend showcasing a range of starter kits that are easy to use and offer an affordable entry price point. Ensuring every newbie finds what they need to celebrate their first 4/20 will enhance their in-store experience, increasing the likelihood of a second visit.



Four Ooze Twist Hot Knife kits are lined up on displays on a smoke shop shelf


For regular users, 4/20 is a special occasion to gather with friends or relax and enjoy a bit more bud than usual. Since this consumer segment typically comes prepared with the essentials, consider curating a section to elevate their session experience. Focus on items that complement or enhance their existing gear, such as innovative vape attachments that transform their favorite vape pen into a dab straw or hot knife. Regulars might also be interested in refreshing their routine with something unique, like experimenting with flavored papers or investing in the latest smoking technology. Regulars also have their go-tos, so make sure to have all your best-sellers front & center and fully in stock!


Party Planners

A shelf full of displays of pink Rozy rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, and filter tips


Since 4/20 falls on a Saturday this year, you should expect a surge in customers looking for weed party supplies. We recommend curating a dedicated "Pot Party" section featuring fun items that instantly elevate any celebration. Consider stocking playful and shareable items such as gummies, pink and gold joint papers, cool lighters, and vape pens with a built-in speaker!



Two vintage hippie bus ceramic pipes on a smoke shop shelf


For the nostalgic cannabis consumer, the allure is to be reminded of simpler times. They will be drawn to products that evoke memories of the past or reintroduce the charm of old-school cannabis culture. They might be reminiscing about their first time with Mary Jane or appreciate the aesthetic of old-school methods.


Secret Stoners

Uncovering the 510 cartridge attached to a black Ooze Duplex 2 vaporizer


Within this consumer niche, discretion reigns supreme. Secret stoners are looking for concealable cannabis products. Whether navigating a corporate environment, avoiding the telltale scent of marijuana, or simply preferring a low-key approach, these stoners prioritize flying under the radar. Our suggestion? Showcase discreet vape pens like the Ooze Duplex 2: discreet, odorless, easily concealable, and preferably in black. With these options, they can indulge in celebration while maintaining their privacy.

Understanding and segmenting your market is vital to tapping into your customer base's varied needs and preferences this 4/20. Whether it's creating a beginner-friendly section for newbies, curating an array of enhancements for your regulars, stocking up on party essentials, helping stoners reminisce with nostalgic items, or offering discreet options for secret stoners that still want to participate, tailoring your store and marketing efforts to these distinct segments can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This targeted approach will meet the specific needs of each group, ensuring a memorable experience for all while giving you a competitive edge for record sales!


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