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Smoke Shop Buying and Prep for 4/20

Smoke Shop Buying and Prep for 4/20

Samantha Catrambone |

With 4/20 just around the corner, it's time for smoke shop owners to finalize orders and marketing strategies ahead of the busiest day of the year. We are here to help you maximize your success this 420 with expert tips on when to order and product recommendations your customers will be asking for by name. From dry herb vaporizers to rolling supplies and everything in between, here's a smoke shop buying guide to help you stock up on items that will sell in high volumes so you can make the most out of this high-demand holiday season!


Order Inventory Well in Advance

One of the most crucial aspects of preparing for 4/20 is ensuring you have enough inventory to meet the increase in demand. With processing and shipping times often taking longer during peak periods, it's essential to place your orders well in advance to avoid running out. Aim to restock on all best sellers before the end of March to avoid the risk of running out by the 20th.

Customers line up in the rain waiting to enter a cannabis dispensary on 4/20

Some stoners shop for their 420 supplies well in advance and others will wait until the last minute, so you’ll need to anticipate the needs of all consumer shopping habits. Plus, you will want to leave ample time to get everything out and organized on the floor. By planning ahead and ordering asap, you can minimize the risk of inventory shortages and ensure that your smoke shop is well-prepared for the influx of customers!


Prepare Deals For The Whole Month

As soon as April 1st, smoke shops and dispensaries alike will start to roll out discounts, innovative product bundles, and various marketing tactics to draw shoppers in. Get creative with your strategy this year and consider all customer profiles (read What to Expect Ahead of 4/20 for market insights) and review our top product recommendations for this year's festivities below.


420 Dry Herb Vaporizers

A girl taking a hit from her sunshine Ooze Brink dry herb vape

When it comes to 4/20, dry herb vaporizers are always a hot commodity as customers come in looking to treat themselves.They are beloved for their convenience and discreteness, making them a must-have in any smoke shop's inventory during peak season. Consider stocking up on popular options like the Ooze Brink and Ooze Verge to meet the demand. Both devices are an excellent choice, with the Brink being a more affordable option with sub-ohm technology and the Verge being a high-end fully digital device with impeccable battery life. These sleek and efficient vaporizers are sure to go fast, so be sure to order well ahead of time to ensure you have an ample supply.


Rolling Papers and Cones for 420

Holding up a fanned out handful of packs of RAW rolling papers in front of a shelf of RAW rolling papers.

For those who prefer the traditional flower smoking experience, papers and cones are essential for 4/20, especially for anyone hosting a pot-themed party! RAW Classics 1 1/4 papers are a timeless favorite among smokers, offering a smooth and clean burn every time. However, 420 is a celebration, so we also recommend stocking flavored rolling paper options like King Palm Flavored Hemp Papers for stoners looking to try something delicious. In addition to flavored papers, colorful papers are a smart choice to give customers an instagramable rolling paper option so they can share their holiday sesh on social media.

For stoners who don’t roll or just like to pack instead, remember to stock up on pre-rolled cones. These are perfect for anyone hosting because they can quickly pack their party favors and hand them out during the festivities. We recommend Pop Cones for their delightful flavored variety pack or the Infused Blunt Cones from Tyson Ranch, perfect for those looking for a hassle-free smoking experience.


420 Hand Pipes & Bongs

A shelf full of assorted colors of Ooze Glyco freeze bongs

Since 4/20 is primarily a flower holiday, no smoke shop is complete without a selection of high-quality glass products. From bowls to bongs, we recommend having something for every stoner. While big-ticket items are more likely to sell around 4/20, we also suggest affordable glass options like the Ooze Piper Display and Glass Blunt Display, two portable hand pipes that are guaranteed to grab customers' attention at the register. For those looking to splurge on something new this 420, we recommend also stocking some unique glass pieces like the Ooze Glyco Bong, a glycerin-chilled glass water pipe that makes any smoke session extra smooth.


As you prepare for 4/20, it's crucial to plan ahead and order your inventory well in advance to account for processing and shipping times. We recommend reaching out to your sales associate to place your order asap. By stocking up on popular items like dry herb vaporizers, papers, cones, and glass products, you can ensure that your smoke shop is ready to meet the demands of this highly anticipated holiday. So don't wait until the last minute – start preparing now and make this 4/20 your most successful one yet!



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