Cannatron Best-Sellers: January 2022

Now that we’re already a full month into 2022, it’s time to reveal our best-selling products from January! These are products that performed extremely well this month, establishing their positions as category killers. If any of these items listed below aren't part of your usual order list, we highly recommend giving them a try with your next purchase. This blog is proof that these products are in high demand, so there’s little risk in trying something new in your store. 

This list gets updated at the end of each month to ensure that you have the most up-to-date insider info from us before you plan your next order with us. 


Ooze Smart USB Charger 30ct Tub

The Ooze Smart USB Charger 30ct Display Tub | Cannatron

The Ooze Slim Twist vape battery tops our best-seller list month after month with no exceptions. Instead of boring you with a repetitive list, this month we’re recommending grabbing a tub or two of extra Ooze Smart USB chargers. Each tub includes 30 chargers, which can be used as a backup for Slim Twist purchases. If you have regular Twist battery displays, these charger tubs are a must; Twist batteries do not include a charger.  

These chargers are 510 thread, so they’re compatible with all stick-style vaporizer batteries. Ooze calls them “smart” because they’re equipped with a specialty chip inside that prevents overcharging, eliminating the risk of overheating. As soon as the battery reaches a full charge, the charger stops the energy flow from the power source to the battery. This is why Ooze requires their chargers to only be charged with Ooze chargers, or else the device warranty is voided. Set your customers up for long-term success! 


King Palm Mini Flavored 2-Packs 

Four 20ct displays of King Palm Flavored Mini 2-Pack Pre-Rolls: Lemon Haze, Banana Cream, Mango OG, and Berry Terps | Cannatron

When it comes to King Palm wraps, the flavored options continuously make our top product spots! This month the variety of Mini size 2-packs proved to be the most popular. Mini size pre-rolls hold 1g of flower, which is suitable for passing around a circle or enjoying by oneself. 2 rolls per pack is an industry standard, and this pack size is a great sample size for customers looking to try their first taste of King Palm. 

These POP displays are slim, not taking up much counter space, but brightly colored so they attract a lot of attention. Stocking a variety of different flavors all in a row makes your selection look impressive, and flavor lovers will often grab a handful of different options. Consider offering bundle deals to encourage larger baskets; for example, offer a discount or freebie pack when someone buys 3 or more 2-packs. 


Truweigh Gold Shine Scale

The Truweigh Gold Shine Digital Mini Pocket Scale stands open and upright in front of the packaging | Cannatron

We love a category-killing product that literally shines on the shelf! The Truweigh Shine scale was an instant hit when we first started carrying the gorgeous, metallic rainbow version. A reliable, incredibly accurate pocket scale, the Shine does its job perfectly every time. It has a 100g capacity, which is plenty for weighing out personal amounts of weed. It features all the functions that everyday users want in a mini scale. 

The brand new Gold version screams luxury. Every inch of the surface is decked out with this classy, shiny gold finish that really stands out from the crowd of basic, black pocket scales lining the rest of the shelves. This is the perfect choice for the customer who opts for the deluxe version of any sort of product. Stocking more posh options alongside the most affordable alternatives gives your customers the opportunity to select the products that truly fit their lifestyle. 


White Rhino Glass Bubble V2 & Spinner Diamond Carb Caps

White Rhino Glass Carb Cap Display Tubs: Glass Bubble and Diamond Spinner | Cannatron

One major trend we predict to see this year is a huge uptick in the popularity of dabbing and concentrate-related products. Flower has reigned supreme for years, but as the industry becomes more mainstream, more users are venturing into the world of concentrates. We are already seeing this prediction come to fruition through our January best-sellers. Get ahead of this trend and stock up on accessory POP displays from White Rhino! 

White Rhino is a master of putting their own, modern spin on classic accessories. Products like carb caps tend to be an afterthought, or something that a dab rig includes with purchase. White Rhino has been creating new models of carb caps, not only in new shapes, but also using silicone as the main material. These accessories make great upsell suggestions for a number of reasons: they are affordable, so it’s not much of an increase to add one to a basket. It also never hurts to have an extra carb cap or two as a backup; some people have multiple rigs, they’re small so they can get misplaced, and sometimes they need to be cleaned so it’s nice to have a fresh one on hand. 


Custom Glass Clear 7” Henny Water Pipe

Custom Glass 7" Clear Henny Glass Water Pipe Bong | Cannatron

Glass pieces never go out of style, especially pieces with fun, novelty shapes! The 7” Henny water pipe from Custom Glass is the perfect example. Designed to look like a fifth of cognac, this is the ultimate party piece. It is a standard bong design that isn’t too intricate, so it’s easy to keep clean. It’s a nice size that packs a punch but isn’t too big and bulky to bring out around a crowd. 

Standard glass hand pipes and water pipes are a staple in any smoke shop, but also carrying a variety of novelty pieces will really set you up for success. Pieces that resemble easily-recognizable food and drink items do particularly well. The Henny bong was our most popular glass piece in January, and we expect this category of glass to remain at the top of the best-sellers list for months to come. 


Tsunami 4-Piece Sunken Shape 63mm Grinders

Tsunami 63mm Sunken Shape 4-Piece Dry Herb Grinders: Green, red, silver, gunmetal, black, purple, and rainbow | Cannatron

You can never go wrong with classic, 4-piece herb grinders. These are an essential tool for anyone who regularly smokes flower. 63mm Sunken Shape grinders from Tsunami have been a hot seller over the past few months. Available in a range of colors, these products are reliable and do exactly what they claim: perfect grind the herb for every session. 

63mm is a standard size that is in the mid-range for grinders. It is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, but has enough capacity to grind a few nugs at once, making them convenient and efficient. The sunken shape refers to the lid; it is concave, which grinds flower quickly because it is forced through the teeth faster than regular, flat-lid grinders. Stock up on affordable options your customers are already on the hunt for. 


If any of the products mentioned on this list caught your eye, get started on your next order ASAP! These products are already selling fast, and now that we’ve announced them as our hottest selling items, demand is only going to increase. We’ll be back again next month to share February’s top sellers.