Blunt Wraps and Rose Cones from King Palm

It’s no secret that we love King Palm. As a Partner Brand offering all of King Palm’s products, we get pretty jazzed when they come out with a new innovation. This time, they’re bringing us two brand new styles of wraps that your customers will keep coming back for.


NEW Flavored Blunt Wraps

The brand new King Palm flavored blunt wraps are actually the first EVER palm leaf blunt wraps. So there’s that—a tobacco-free blunt wrap that’s natural and organic. We’re seeing a lot of customers switch over to tobacco-free products across the board. Because of this, we predict the palm leaf blunt wraps to be a new fan favorite.

4 retail displays of King Palm flavored blunt wraps are shown. The Crown Cookies flavor is at the top, and Cherry Bomb, Golden Mango, and Banana Blast are on the bottom.

The flavors (all yummy and unique combinations) are infused in both the wrap and the filter tip. Like other King Palm wraps, squeeze the filter tip to activate the flavor in the filter tip. The first batch of flavors is here, but you can expect new flavor arrivals in the future.


These blunt wraps are also the first King Palms that you roll yourself. If however you have customers that typically go for pre-rolls or don’t feel confident rolling themselves, we carry King Palm rolling machines to assist.


Each pouch includes 2 wraps and 2 filters, so it’s a great idea to keep a few individual packages up by the cash register in case someone spots them at the last minute. The display contains 15 pouches, so designate a section in your King Palm or wraps area for these palm leaf wraps.


NEW Rose Cones

These pre-rolled Rose Cones are actual fresh rose petals. Talk about a natural conversation starter. Customers will love another tobacco-free option for blunts and joints. Rose petals provide a completely natural smoke with no additives or chemicals to worry about. They’re also super sturdy when pressed and assembled into cones, making it an easier roll. No flavor was added to these cones because the subtle flavor of the rose petals complements cannabis so nicely already!

A close-up shot of the pink King Palm Rose Cones. There is a circle with a zoomed-in shot of the hand-rolled petals.

As if the rose cone isn’t unique enough already, your most stylish smokers will love the matching paper filter tips. The cones themselves come in gold, pink and purple.


Pre-rolled cones in general are great for filtering out unwanted particles and debris so you don’t inhale anything icky, or even little pieces of weed. Filter tips also help keep the cone’s shape before it’s packed, making the whole ordeal a lot easier.


The three retail displays of King Palm Rose Cones are shown. Gold is on top, and pink and purple are on the bottom.

Because of the fun colors and rosy scent, these make great gifts for women or anyone who is a flower fanatic. The display contains 15 boxes, each a 3-pack. Set these displays out front and center for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other holidays!


As always, we’re excited to bring you these brand new natural wraps by one of our favorite brands, King Palm. Stock up here today!