Crop Kingz is dedicated to making advancements in the blunt-smoking world. Most traditional wraps are made from tobacco and require the smoker to lick the wrap in order to seal it. Crop Kingz has developed a self-sealing glue strip that eliminates the need for saliva, making these the most hygienic wraps available.

Crop Kingz understands that blunt smokers are looking for a specific feel and experience, and go above and beyond to replicate that experience, minus the harmful additives. We are thrilled to bring them on as a House Brand and be able to offer the very best pricing for these innovative products.


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Crop Kingz Rocket Roll 1pk Hemp Cones with Biodegradable Edible Sugar Tip 15ct Display
Crop Kingz Premium Organic Pre-Rolled 1 ¼ Size Cone 4-Pack Pouch 10ct Display
Crop Kingz Premium Organic Pre-Rolled King Size Cone 2-Pack Pouch 10ct Display
Crop Kingz Self-Sealing Premium Organic Hemp Wraps 15ct Display
Crop Kingz Self-Sealing Tobacco-Inspired Organic Wraps 15ct Display