Cyclone rolling products are some of the most popular on the market and it is easy to see why. Their translucent cones are unique compared to other pre-rolled cones because they're made of cotton cellulose. This gives them a shiny clear appearance that’s perfect for admiring your smoking material with each hit.

Cyclone blunt wraps and pre-rolls come in many delicious flavors. The brand uses a triple-dip flavor system so, every Cyclone flavor packs a punch. Your customers will love to choose from all their amazing flavor options like Blueberry, Ice Dream , and Grape!


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Cyclone Clear Purple Unknown - 24ct
Cyclone Clear Pimperschnaps - 24ct
Cyclone Hemp Cones Blueberry - 24ct
Cyclone Clear Tiki Tango - 24ct
Cyclone Clear Blueberry - 24ct
Cyclone Clear Grape - 24ct
Cyclone Slow Burn Hemp Cones Sugar Cane - 24ct
Cyclone Hemp Cones - Natural - 24ct
Cyclone Slow Burn Hemp Cones Wonderberry - 24ct
Cyclone Black Widow - 24ct
Cyclone Clear Rockstar - 24ct
Cyclone Hemp Cones Strawberry - 24ct
Cyclone Klear Natural - 24ct
Cyclone Hemp Cones Grape - 24ct
Cyclone Clear Red Chill - 24ct
Cyclone Clear Ice Dream - 24ct