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2 Products
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  • Rozy Pink Pre-Rolled Filter Tips - 20ct Display Rozy Pink Pre-Rolled Filter Tips - 20ct Display
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  • Rozy Pink Perforated Filter Tips - 50ct Display Rozy Pink Perforated Filter Tips - 50ct Display
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Shop Wholesale Rozy Pink Rolling Papers & Pre-Rolled Cones 

Make smoking beautiful with pink rolling papers and other smoking essentials from Rozy! Rozy is a brand that stands out on the shelf, with vibrant pink packaging and incredible products that provide a smooth and aesthetically pleasing smoking experience. Your customers will love how these colored rolling papers look, taste, and burn when they blaze up in style.  

Rozy's mission extends beyond creating high-quality pink rolling papers and cones. The brand is also deeply committed to supporting breast cancer research. Rozy not only adds a splash of color to your shelves and your customer's smoking session, but you can also take pride in knowing that each Rozy purchase contributes to an important cause.  

New Cone Colors to Blaze in Style

Rozy might be pretty in pink, but the brand has expanded its product offerings to include other vibrant colors of the rainbow.

Rozy pre-rolled cones are offered in pink, blue, and purple, giving your customers the option to switch up their smoke session with other vibrant colors they love. 

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