High Hemp blunts wraps are the first of their kind. Made with 100% hemp, High Hemp wraps were the first wraps on the market made completely out of natural hemp. High Hemp organic wraps also contain no nicotine or tobacco, so you can enjoy your herb without the noise.

High Hemp cones and wraps come in a variety of delicious flavors. High Hemp’s pre rolled wrap cones are a great option for your customers that haven't mastered the rolling process. No matter what your customers preferences are, High Hemp is sure to have an all-natural vegan option they’ll love!


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High Hemp Cones 1 ¼ Size 6pk Pre-Rolled Cones Display – 32ct
High Hemp Eco Cardboard Filter Tip 120-Pack Box Counter Display – 12ct
High Hemp Original Organic 1 1/4 Papers - 25ct
High Hemp Original Organic King Size Papers - 25ct
High Hemp Wraps - 25ct
High Hemp Cones - 15ct