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Ooze Resolution is the same glass cleaner your customers loved from Resolution Colorado, with a brand-new, slimy green look! Resolution is a powerful glass cleaning gel that is truly the best way to clean a bong or any other glass smoking piece. If your customers are asking how to clean a bong, Ooze Resolution is a great solution to offer them!

Ooze Resolution is non-toxic, natural, VOC-free (volatile organic compound), and alcohol-free. Ooze Resolution is reusable and can be used to clean all types of glass up to 10 times! Plus, it is designed to lift and remove that stubborn dirt, and resin. Your customers will be so excited to see their dirtiest pieces back in their original, sparkling condition.

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Ooze Resolution Gel Glass Cleaner - 240ml - Green
Resolution Silicone Res Caps - Green
Ooze Resolution Deluxe Water Pipe & Glass Pipe Cleaning Kit
Bong Cleaning Kit
Ooze Resolution Caps – Black
Ooze Resolution Caps – Green
Resolution Silicone Res Caps - Black