Roll Your Own

Cannatron is stocked with a huge selection of high-quality wholesale rolling papers, wholesale blunt wraps, raw cones wholesale, filter tips, wholesale rolling trays, rolling machines, and rolling accessories.  

Select from our huge collection of rolling products from top brands in the rolling game like RAW, King Palm, OCB, Zig Zag, Crop Kingz, and High Hemp. Your customers will love a fully stocked assortment of premium rolling products to choose from. 


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King Palm Cones - Rollie - PP $1.99 - 2pk - 20ct
Vibes Cones King Size Slim - 3pk - Hemp - 30ct
OCB Virgin Cones - 1 1/4 - 32ct
Vibes Cones 1 1/4 - 6pk - Ultra Thin - 30ct
Cyclone Hemp Cones Blueberry - 24ct
Cyclone Hemp Cones Grape - 24ct
Cyclone Clear Tiki Tango - 24ct
Vibes Cones King Size Slim - 3pk - Ultra Thin - 30ct
Blazy Susan 98mm Pink Cones - 50ct
Cyclone Klear Natural - 24ct
Cyclone Clear Blue Chill - 24ct
Cyclone Clear Strawberry - 24ct
Cyclone Clear Grape - 24ct
Zig Zag Cones King Size - 3pk - 12ct
Raw Classic 1 1/4 Cones Bulk - 900ct
Cyclone Clear Rockstar - 24ct