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We want to be transparent with you: we’re facing some unique challenges this holiday season. As people are going back out in record numbers, demand for consumer products has increased exponentially. This uptick in demand paired with the continued hardship of global events has made it extremely difficult to keep up. We may not have some of the products you’d like to stock your store with but, you can be confident that we’re working around the clock to ensure you have the best fourth-quarter possible. Thanks for continuing to stick by us during this unprecedented time. Below, the Cannatron team has provided some insight that will help you Own the Shelf this holiday season! 

We’re facing supply chain uncertainty

From ongoing port congestion and ships getting stuck in canals, to shipping container and truck driver shortages, this is an issue that’s reverberating across the entire retail industry. Our teams are working constantly to get items back in stock and will continue to work closely with our partners to ensure your store items reach you as quickly as possible. 

It's always better to be over prepared 

While our warehouse team will continue to get orders processed and shipped out our door as fast as possible, lead times may still be longer than usual once the order is in the hands of the carrier. We suggest adding extended lead times into the equation this year by getting your orders in as early as possible. As the year goes on, customer orders will increase and so will shipping delays. It is always better to be prepared and ready for the holidays while time is still on your side. 

A graphic showing the Deadlines to Place Orders to Receive them by 12/25 has a dark blue background and is split in half. The left says orders including Vape Products and has a calendar icon that says Dec 18, and the right says non-vape orders with a calendar icon that says Dec. 21

The earlier you stock your store, the better off you’ll be 

Inventory is going quickly this year and so snag in-stock items while you can. The sooner your holiday-related orders are placed the better chance you have to score all the best-selling products that are most likely to sell out as the holidays get closer. Even if an item you want is on backorder, go ahead and reserve it anyway. Putting your orders in earlier will give us time to get them back in stock – and get them to you as soon as possible.

Cannatron Holidaze Collection