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The Best Smoking Tools and Accessories for 2024

The Best Smoking Tools and Accessories for 2024

Layne Alfred |

We’re already into the second quarter of 2024, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to stock up on the best weed accessory trends of the year. One of the most predicted cannabis industry trends this year is electronic smoking devices over traditional methods, so we’ll highlight some of the hottest vape products as well as the cult favorites that you should always have in your store (that are also great to buy in bulk). Below are the cannabis world’s latest innovations and essential products to have stocked in your smoke shop or dispensary.


Dry Herb Vapes

The 4 colors of the Ooze Verge are lined up in a row

Since consumers have proven over the last couple years that they prefer electronic products, make sure you have some options for those who still like raw flower over wax or oil. Dry herb vapes are popular this year for just that reason. They allow smokers to vape the stash of bud they already have, but it’s safer for the lungs and throat than burning weed in a bowl or bong. Plus, they make it easy to smoke weed anytime, anywhere because of the lack of smell they produce as opposed to lighting up a joint.

A girl holds a Twilight Ooze Brink dry herb vape next to the Sunshine color device

We love the Ooze Verge dry herb vaporizer, which is a high-tech device with special C-Core ceramic, a colorful OLED screen that displays the selected temperature, time duration, and a fun personality. The Brink dry herb vaporizer is a beginner version of the Verge, with the same C-Core ceramic technology, but a more compact shape without the digital screen. 


Ooze C-Core Devices

4 colors of the Ooze Electro Barrel E-Rig are linded up in a row

For those that are embracing the trend of cannabis wax and oil (that’s not likely to fade anytime soon), stock up on the latest innovations in vaping products. These include Ooze’s C-Core extract devices, a line of three unique extract vaporizers that all include the smart ceramic Onyx Atomizer and ceramic heating cores. The beauty of these devices is that ceramic heats the material so much more evenly, allowing for powerful hits, more flavor, less (or no) preheating, and less residue buildup in the device over time. Plus, it’s all heavy metal free.


Make sure you have each of these options: the Beacon, a sleek dabbing pen; the Booster, a 2-in-1 vape and electric water pipe; and the Electro Barrel E-Rig, a mini electric bubbler for dabs. This way you have ceramic C-Core options for every type of vaping customer. 


Pre-Rolled Cones

A display of pink Rozy pre-rolled cones in the Cannatron wholesale showroom

While this isn’t an electronic device option, pre-rolled cones are always one of the best pot accessories. After all, joint lovers tend to be connected to the ritual of grinding and rolling, so make sure you always have options for the traditional smokers. Stock your store with personal bulk options of the Rozy pre-rolled cones, which come in packs 50. Plus, we have aesthetically pleasing display options for smaller personal packs, or bigger packs of 800 or 900 for rolling joints for sale.


New 510 Batteries and Chargers

All 8 colors of the Ooze Smart 650 mAh batteries are laying in a row

510 thread vape batteries have been a staple weed accessory for years, so stay ahead of the curve by offering the latest and greatest in your store. The Ooze Smart Battery is the original Ooze pen that everyone loves, but with some cutting edge updates. Educate customers who are looking for the original version that the Smart battery has an LED screen that displays the selected voltage (which now includes 5 voltage levels) and even battery percentage. It also includes a type-C port in addition to the regular USB port.


If you’re familiar with the original Ooze Novex, you know it’s been a popular accessory for years. Now they’ve come out with the innovated 400 mAh Novex 2, which has a colorful OLED screen that displays voltage level, battery percentage and connection status. The connection detection feature is super helpful because it indicates if there’s residue blockage in the battery’s chamber. The new Novex also has a lower voltage option than the original for better flavor. With all these updates, it still has the same the sleek, portable and handheld design that was loved about the original.


Along with new vape batteries, stock up on the latest charging accessories. As the type-C USB port becomes more universal, make sure you have a vape battery charging option that includes one. The new Ooze Bolt chargers have a type-C port for faster charging and automatic shutoff for overcharge protection. Grab a 30ct tub of these to display however you’d like.


Stay ahead of the trends by stocking up on the best vaping devices and weed accessories of 2024. Use this as a guide when making your purchases for next quarter, and don’t hesitate to contact your Cannatron representative if you have any additional questions.


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