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Ooze C-Core Replacement Parts to Stock

Ooze C-Core Replacement Parts to Stock

Layne Alfred |

Replacement parts are often overlooked when ordering inventory, especially for niche products. One that works with the customer’s existing device is hard to track down, and often, the original manufacturer doesn’t even sell a replacement part at a reasonable price. But with C-Core replacement parts on the shelves, you’ll always have an affordable, high-quality option for those looking to replace atomizers, heating chambers and more.


What is C-Core?

C-Core is a patented ceramic technology that provides faster, more even heating for better flavor and no leftover residue. The accompanying dry herb vaporizers, e-rigs and extract vaporizers are built around these ceramic buckets and chambers, making them super easy to replace.


These devices include a dry herb vaporizer, the Verge; extract vaporizers, the Beacon and the Booster; and a e-rig, the Electro Barrel. All four of these products include either the Onyx C-Core atomizer or Nano-Glazed C-Core heating chamber.


Why keep C-Core replacement parts in stock?

Competing brands, especially Puffco, charge an arm and a leg for a single replacement bucket. They’re often not stocked in stores, so you can be the beacon of hope for customers who are trying to replace their missing or broken part. The Ooze Onyx Atomizer replacement 2-pack has an MSRP of just $18! 5-Pack atomizers also just arrived, which is the best deal customers can find anywhere! Plus, the function is amazing, if not better than the competitor’s.


On top of that, dry herb vaporizers don’t always offer a way to replace heating chambers. The Ooze Verge dry herb vaporizer is modular with a magnetic heating pod that pops right out for cleaning and to replace it easily.


This is why it’s also great to have the C-Core devices that include these parts stocked—they’ll continue to be an upsell to any customers who made the initial purchase of a C-Core product. Customers will also be more willing to purchase a C-Core device if they know it can always be refreshed with a quick switch of the atomizer or heating pod. 


Which C-Core replacement parts should I stock?

1. Onyx Atomizers

The Booster and Beacon vapes and Electro Barrel e-rig include the Onyx Atomizers. These C-Core atomizers come in two shapes, one with ridges around the bucket (for the e-rig) and one that’s smooth (for the extract vaporizers). Having two options for replacement atomizers means your customers will most likely be able to fit one of them with their existing product.  Both options come in an affordable 2-pack and the new mega deal 5-pack.


2. Onyx Atomizer + Mouthpiece Replacement Packs

A red and black Ooze Beacon is below all 4 colors of replacement atomizers + mouthpieces. The package is in the back.

These Beacon replacement packs come in four different colors, the atomizer of course matching the new mouthpiece. This makes the device somewhat customizable, too! Customers can choose the same color as their device, or mix and match to create a new colorway.


3. Nano-Glazed Heating Pod Replacement

Keep the heating pod replacement stocked as well for not only the Verge, but for other dry herb vaporizers that have removable heating chambers.

BONUS: These replacement parts are also super easy to clean and maintain. Educate customers on how to clean them so they feel even more confident with their purchase.


To clean the Onyx Atomizer:

1. Make sure all extract is fully vaporized.
2. Add 1-3 drops of alcohol to the Azul core.
3. Heat the bucket until the core is dry.

IMPORTANT: never heat up a DRY Azul core! There MUST be either extract or alcohol for cleaning, or else there’s a risk of burning the ceramic and ruining the atomizer.

4. Repeat the previous steps until the dish turns blue again.
5. Use an Ooze Resolution Micro Swab to clean the threads of the atomizer and around the bucket.
6. The Booster & Electro Barrel also include alcohol-infused micro swabs to clean the mouthpieces and devices.

We are excited to also now offer these Precision Micro Swabs in a 100ct pack at a super affordable price!


To clean the Verge’s nano-glazed heating pod:

1. Remove the magnetic mouthpiece.
2. Pull the heating pod out of the device by gripping the two small lips on either side.
3. Dump out any remaining debris.
4. Use the included brush to scrape out any stubborn residue.
5. Use an alcohol swab to clean any resin.


    With replacement parts for e-rigs and vaporizers always stocked, you’ll stay ahead of the competitors. Patented C-Core technology that takes the smoking experience to the next level makes it even better. For more information on C-Core devices and replacement parts, reach out to your Cannatron representative today!


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