Cannatron Best-Sellers: August 2021

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time to reveal our best-selling products from August! These are products that have had an amazing performance this month, establishing their positions as category killers. If there are any items on this short list that you don’t already carry or plan on ordering, we highly recommend adding these to your next order. They have proven that they are in high demand and are the products your customers are coming out to buy. 

We’ll update this list at the end of each month to ensure that you have the most up-to-date insider info from us before you plan your next order with us. 


Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen Batteries 

A green Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen battery is shown with the Ooze Smart USB charger connected.

Cannatron’s very first category-killing product, the Ooze Slim Twist vape battery has cemented its place at the top of our best-sellers list. This is one of the most recognizable vaporizer batteries out there, as well as one of the most affordable options to include a warranty with every purchase. If you have a customer coming in for a new vape pen, there’s a high chance this is the pen they have in mind! 

The Slim Twist is available in 15 different colors, so it’s easy to set up a bright, colorful display. Set out one of each, or set out our 50-count display boxes if these are fast-movers in your store. Each battery has a dial on the bottom for precise temperature control between 3.3 and 4.8V.  

Be sure to let your customers know that their Slim Twist is covered under warranty while they’re checking out! To file a claim if they ever run into an issue, simply direct them to the Ooze Warranty Program to get the replacement process started. 


Stache Rio Rig-in-One 

A blue and white tie dye Stache Rio Rig-in-one mechanical dab rig is shown fully assembled with the banger and carb cap inserted.


The Rio Rig-in-One from our House Brand Stache is a hot product that continues to gain popularity by the month! This is an all-mechanical dab device that features a built-in butane torch, eliminating the need for any chargers, cords, or coils.  

The Rio is made up of a hard silicone base, butane torch, borosilicate glass Micro Rig with a showerhead percolator, 14mm core quartz banger, directional carb cap, and dab tool all packed securely in a zip-up case with Eva foam. Although this kit includes all the accessories needed to get it up and running, there are tons of opportunities for personalization with the 8 colored glass options, 6 silicone base colors and different banger options. 

Be prepared to give a demo for the Rio! This piece is still relatively new, and its unique design may leave customers with some questions. Showing them how the pieces fit together and how to start it up will have a positive effect on sales. Don’t forget to suggest a can of butane with each purchase! 


King Palm Flavored Rollies 

A display of King Palm Perfect Pear flavored Rollie size pre-rolled cones is shown. A 20 count display is shown on the left on an angle, and a loose 2-pack pouch is shown to the right.

King Palm recently released four brand new flavors of their natural pre-rolled cones: Cherry Charm, Peach Tree, Perfect Pear, and Gelato Cream. These products have double the new factor because they are also the first flavors to be offered in the Rollie size! This is the smallest size King Palm offers with a capacity of 0.5g. 

Flavored King Palms have been on our best-selling list ever since they were released, and the demand continues to grow. These products are always our first recommendation for tobacco-free alternatives and are the healthiest way to enjoy a flavored smoke. 

A terpene-infused flavor pearl sits in the filter of each cone, where it needs to be squeezed to activate the flavor. This ensures no additives ever come into contact with the flame; the smoke is flavored as it passes through the filter. All four of these displays include 20 pouches with two rollies and a mini packing stick. 


Truweigh Mini Crimsons 

The black and red tie dye Truweigh Mini Crimson digital pocket scale is shown with the black and red silicone weighing bowl fully expanded on top of the scale. The scale is on to show the green LCD backlight.


Digital scales aren’t the most exciting products, but they are a staple accessory for anyone looking to accurately dose personal amounts or make sure they got exactly what they paid for. The Truweigh Mini Crimson pocket scales are reliable and make precise dosing easy because they measure to 0.01g. 

These scales come equipped with a collapsible silicone bowl that can hold plenty of nugs while weighing and provides a durable case for the scale while not in use. This is key because knocking a scale around can throw off the calibration, leading to inaccurate readings. The bowl is even dishwasher safe! 

The Mini Crimson has been a popular product for a while, but they recently added three new tie-dye bowl color options to the mix, which have really taken off. Create a display area with each bowl expanded and set on top of the scale to attract attention. 



Loud Lock Mylar Bags 

Three Loud Lock mylar bags are shown. They are three different sizes. The left is a smaller white bag, in the center is a tall white bag, and on the right is a medium size black bag.

When it comes to smell proof, child safe storage options, mylar bags are always a top choice. Our House Brand Loud Lock is an industry leader when it comes to packaging. You can be sure that your packaging is compliant and up-to-date with all state guidelines and restrictions when you use Loud Lock. 

These bags are available in every standard size that flower is sold in, from as small as 1 gram or a pre-roll up to a pound. Available in both black and white, we also offer two different zipper locations: on the front or on the very top. Mylar is a great shelf space saver compared to other storage options like pop top vials because they’re super flat and packed into a single box. 

These products are most popular with processors and dispensaries who use them to package their own products. However, they can be successful in smoke shop settings, too! Create 10 or 20-bag bundles of popular sizes or offer bundles with one of each size for easy upsells with rolling tray or pipe sales. 



Tyson Ranch Terpene-Infused Blunt Wraps 

Tyson Ranch Terpene-Infused Blunt Wraps. There is a display shown on the left on an angle, and a loose single count pouch on the right.


Mike Tyson’s brand, Tyson Ranch, has been taking the world by storm! These tobacco-free, terpene-infused blunt wraps come in a single pack for rolling up something special. Packaged in a flat envelope, each wrap arrives in pristine condition with no creases or folds. 

Mike’s favorite strain is called the Toad, which is a hybrid of Chemdawg OG x Girl Scout Cookies with powerful sedative effects for full-body relaxation. Terpenes from the Toad are blended in each wrap, extending the euphoric effects to the blunt. The flavor profile has notes of orange, cinnamon, and hops, with a sharp, gassy petrol aroma.  

You can count on these wraps selling quickly if they are displayed prominently. Each package has Mike Tyson’s face right on it, which has tons of brand recognition already built in. These are great options for customers looking to move away from tobacco-based wraps, but still want to enjoy the experience that a blunt provides. 

If you’re planning to place an order, do it sooner rather than later! Now that we’ve revealed these as some of our top products, they’re sure to move fast. Stock your store with these super popular items and reap the benefits! We’ll be back again next month with an updated list of hot products.