White Rhino smoking accessories are a great addition to any smoke shop. The company designs a wide selection of high-quality smoking products like their signature chillum pipe, terp pearls, dab straws, carp caps, and the silicone Reclaim-it reclaim catcher.

All White Rhino products are functional, portable, and made with high-quality materials that enhance the smoking experience. Your customers will love the selection!


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White Rhino Glass Terp Turbine 25ct Jar – Cyclone
White Rhino Glass Terp Turbine 25ct Jar – Star
White Rhino 6mm Glass Terp Balls – 100ct Tub
White Rhino Glass Screen Flower Style - 400ct
White Rhino Glass Screen Triangle Style - 400ct
White Rhino Chillum To Straw - Original - Pyrex Tip - 49ct
White Rhino Glass Straw - Pyrex - 100ct
White Rhino Silicone Dab Out - Assorted - Pyrex Straw - 21ct
White Rhino Stainless Screens – 200ct
White Rhino Diffuser Beads - 10ct
White Rhino Glass Chillum - 100ct
White Rhino 19/14 Glass Downstems - 49ct
White Rhino Glass Screen Honeycomb - 200ct
White Rhino Glass Tips – Round – 100ct
White Rhino Glass Tips – Flat – 100ct
White Rhino Ceramic Screen Honeycomb - 200ct