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Innovative New Products from Ooze

Innovative New Products from Ooze

Samantha Catrambone |

Ooze sets the standard for innovation in the cannabis accessories industry with a focus on elevating the user experience. The product development team has designed an array of new offerings along with updated versions of fan favorites to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of weed enthusiasts.

Although the year has just started, we have already released an incredible selection of pieces your customers will be dying to try. Read this blog to discover new product launches so far from Ooze in 2024 so you can stock your store with the latest and greatest from the company behind the world's best-selling vape battery.

2024 New Product Launches From Ooze

Ooze Duplex 2: Dual Extract Vaporizer

A girl pulls the top of an Ooze Duplex 2 off the base to reveal the 510 cartridge inside

The Duplex 2 is the next generation of the classic Duplex vaporizer, a fan-favorite product among the concentrate community. This updated wax pen is now equipped with C-Core technology, allowing your customers to experience sub-ohm vaping efficiency with a device they've already fallen in love with! The Duplex 2 is also our first fully concealed vape, giving the user a discreet vaping experience while protecting the cartridge from any falls or potential hazards.

Using the Ooze Duplex 2 as a nectar straw with the XL Nectar Tip attached, aimed into a jar of concentrate

This wax vape also comes equipped with an Onyx Atomizer and the new C-Core XL Nectar Tip, giving dabbers the option to use their vape like a dab straw. This tip features the same azul ceramic in the Onyx Atomizer, providing the same sub-ohm benefits. Despite being better quality and having way more features than the original, we've opted to maintain the price point of the first Duplex to prioritize accessibility. With its compelling blend of innovation and value, the Duplex 2 is a must-have for your store and is projected to have even more success than its predecessor.

Ooze Brink: Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

A girl is holding an Ooze Brink twilight dry herb vape next to the sunshine colorway

Just like the popular Verge vaporizer released last year, the Ooze Brink offers the same cutting-edge C-Core technology but in a sleek, pocket-friendly design at an unbeatable price. What sets the Brink apart is the addition of sub-ohm technology to deliver unparalleled heating precision, rich terpene flavor profiles, and potent vape clouds. Despite its compact size, the Brink still has an industry-leading 0.5g chamber capacity for long sessions.

Ideal for beginners, the Brink also features intuitive controls with easy-to-use +/- buttons and three temperature ranges for a customizable session. Plus, we've introduced two striking new color options, Twilight and Sunshine, which are quickly becoming fan favorites. Your customers will also love the new battery life indicator, activated with a simple 4x click, which provides peace of mind between charges. With its innovative features and affordable price point, the Brink is sure to be a top seller among dry herb vapers.

Smart Battery

All 8 colors of the Ooze Smart Battery are laying in a row, all turned off. There are two OozeX oil carts and a charger laying around

This year we also gave our vape counter battery displays a makeover by creating the Smart Battery, a significant upgrade from the original 650 Standard model. These new vape batteries now have five adjustable voltage levels, a Type-C charging cable, and an LED screen for an enhanced user experience. The interface displays the battery percentage when turned on or with a 4x button click. It also tells you the voltage level the rest of the time it's turned on. Plus, this new version also features auto-shut-off for a longer battery life and now includes vibrant packaging with eight vivid color options your customers will love.

Time Warp Collection

The Ooze limited edition Time Warp collection includes the Twist Slim Pen 2.0, lanyard, and medium and small rolling trays

Ooze is known for vibrant designs and bold colorways, so we always come out with new limited-edition art to elevate our products. This year, we released Time Warp, a design with vibey Ooze characters floating in another dimension. The colors really stand out against the black background, giving your customers a fun new look to play around with in 2024. This design will only be available this year, so we recommend keeping your shelves fully stocked with the Time Warp Twist Slim Pen 2.0, Time Warp medium rolling tray, and small metal rolling trays. 2023's Chroma design was our best-selling vape pen last year (besides black and rainbow), and we anticipate similar results in 2024!

From the groundbreaking Duplex 2 with its revolutionary XL Nectar Tip to the portable Br ink dry herb vaporizer with sub-ohm technology, each new product represents a perfect fusion of cutting-edge features and unbeatable value. As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, we promise to deliver the latest and greatest tech on the market, even if we have to create it ourselves. With each new release, we reaffirm our position as the driving force behind the world's best-selling vape battery, setting the stage for an exciting year filled with innovation, creativity, and unparalleled quality.


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