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Making Cannabis Packaging Reusable & Sustainable

Making Cannabis Packaging Reusable & Sustainable

Layne Alfred |

One of the best ways to give your customers the biggest bang for their buck is by stocking up on multi-functional products. If you want to go even further in impressing them, offer a variety of products that include reusable packaging. Not only will customers feel they’re really getting their money’s worth (they’ll essentially be getting a free storage container with their purchase), it reduces overall waste and helps keep packaging out of landfills.


Products with the following types of packaging are great to keep stocked because it’s precisely the packaging that will help convert the sale!


1. Mylar bags

A graphic shows a white and a black mylar bag behind an Ooze abyss mylar bag

Invest in Mylar bags to send customers out of the store with. These smell-proof, airtight bags come in handy because they store completely flat. This could be reason enough for someone to come back to you for essentials if they know they’ll get a nice reusable bag with their purchase.


2. Glass jars

A Glass Jars graphic shows two jars; one with a black screw-on lid and one with a bamboo stopper cap.

Offer products that come in a variety of sizes of glass jars. Choose wax, bud and prerolls that come in glass jars to display and entice customers. Make sure to mention that they can use the empty, cleaned jar for infinite purposes!


3. Pop-top vials

A Pop Tops & Cone Tubes graphic shows a glass blunt tube with a white cap behind a green pop top vial.

Encourage customers to keep the pop-top vials and their joints come in, as well as cone tubes. These little airtight treasures are great for taking a personal amount of weed on the go. Of course, they’re also great for future joints they rolled themselves.


4. Airtight containers

A girl's hand holds a purple, green, and blue package of OozeX HHC disposable 2g vapes.

Some disposables even come in airtight containers, like OozeX’s HHC and Blends vapes, also featuring silicone end caps. Once you take out the disposable, these are perfect for stashing rolled joints! The tube provides protection against them getting crushed in a bag, and the silicone caps keep them nice and fresh until it’s time to light them up. To learn more about OozeX disposable vaporizer products, reach out to your Cannatron sales manager.


Here at Cannatron, we’re passionate about doing our part for the environment while encouraging our customers to do the same. Products with reusable packaging do just that with an added perk: even more customer satisfaction. Reach out to your Cannatron sales manager for more ideas on how to include more reusable options in your store!



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