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Types of Smoking Pipes

Types of Smoking Pipes

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Hand pipes are one of the oldest and most popular marijuana-smoking utensils on the planet. Stoners love them due to their portability, ease of use, and versatility. They have also been perfected over time and have actually been around since 2000 BC. Archaeologists found hand pipes buried in Ancient Egyptian tombs and believe this was done so that mummies could spark one up in the afterworld. Although these ancient hand pipes were for tobacco consumption, the simple yet effective design became the blueprint for creating the modern marijuana smoking pipe we all know and love.

Since then, hand pipes have been met with extraordinary innovation; some look like the pipe in Sherlock Holmes, some look like spoons, and others retain the original round Egyptian design. In addition to a variety of shapes, they are also made with many materials such as glass, silicone, ceramic, and metal. Since there are so many unique smoking pipes on the market, it's essential to know which brands are worth keeping on your store shelves as a smoke shop owner. Learning all about hand pipes is a great way to ensure that you can recommend products based on your customer’s specific preferences.

Thankfully, we have put together this wholesale smoking pipe guide to explain everything you'll need to know about selling hand pipes to your customers. Below, we will explain what hand pipes are, each part of a smoking pipe, the different types of hand pipes, and what brands make the best smoking pipes in the cannabis accessory industry today!

What Are Hand Pipes?

Traditionally, a hand pipe is a smoking tool designed for smoking marijuana. Most feature four core components; a bowl, a neck, a carb, and a mouthpiece. They are a straightforward and beginner-friendly way to smoke flower because they don't require special attachments or a complicated setup process.

What Are the Parts of a Smoking Pipe? Anatomy of a Hand Pipe

Although hand pipes are not super complex, they actually have many different parts that come together to create the perfect smoking experience. Below, we will talk about all the different parts of a smoking pipe and why they are all important.


The bowl is the outer part of a hand pipe that surrounds the inner chamber. This is the part that users gently tap to loosen the bud or empty the chamber after a smoke session.

Inner Chamber

The inner chamber lies within the bowl and is the part of a hand pipe that will get loaded with flower or tobacco. In most smoking pipes, the inner chamber will primarily be rounded and contain a small draught hole at the bottom to allow the smoke to flow through to the mouthpiece.


Although small, a smoking pipe's carb is essential to the smoking experience because it allows a user to control airflow. The carb is a small hole usually located on the side of the outer bowl that must be covered during the inhale. When a user's thumb covers up the carb, it allows smoke to build throughout the bowl's stem, creating an airtight space. After the smoke has formed, the user releases the carb to take a rip.


The stem is the straight part of the smoking pipe that connects the bowl's inner chamber and the mouthpiece. This is also the part of the pipe where the smoke builds, so its size will dictate how big of a hit the pipe will be able to produce.


The mouthpiece is the part of the hand pipe that users put up to their mouth. It should be a good enough size to fit securely on the lips but not too big that smoke could escape.

What Are the Different Types of Smoking Pipes?

On the market today, there are a ton of smoking pipes available to purchase. This can be overwhelming for a smoke shop owner, so this guide should help you narrow your inventory order to the best brands and most popular designs available. When it comes to smoking pipes, they can be sorted by two specific factors; their material and design.

Glass Smoking Pipes

A clear purple sherlock style glass pipe is held in the Cannatron showroom

Glass is the most popular material for smoking pipes because it provides an impeccable flavor, is super easy to clean, and can be blown into many different designs. However, glass is a fragile material and will need proper care. To combat this, we recommend carrying glass smoking pipes in your store that use borosilicate glass.

Unlike regular glass, borosilicate glass doesn't crack when exposed to extreme temperature changes because it contains boron trioxide. Boron trioxide is a chemical compound that has a very low thermal expansion coefficient, therefore strengthening the glass. Luckily, the best cannabis accessory brands make all their glass smoking pipes with borosilicate glass.

Silicone Smoking Pipes

A rasta Ooze Bowser silicone glass travel pipe is held right above the display in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

Recently, silicone has become a great alternative material for stoners who are worried about buying glass smoking utensils. Silicone smoking pipes are extremely durable and will not shatter if dropped. However, they do not produce as clean of a flavor as glass smoking pipes and cannot be cleaned as easily. That's why we recommend carrying glass and silicone hybrid smoking pipes to get the best of both worlds.

Hybrid smoking pipes will contain glass and silicone where it matters most. This means that your bowl and chamber will usually be made of glass so you get the perfect flavor profile. The silicone parts are designed to protect the glass elements which will make your smoking pipes super durable. Suggest this type of pipe to your clumsy customers and they will not be disappointed!

Ceramic Smoking Pipes

A purple eggplant emoji ceramic pipe is shown in front of the ceramic pipe shelf in the Cannatron wholesale showroom

Ceramists have been creating smoking hand pipes out of ceramic for centuries. It's a great material for fun shapes or novelty items like the classic wake n bake mug pipe. However, ceramic is not a see-through material so just keep that in mind for stoners who are used to smoking glass. We recommend carrying some ceramic smoking pipes in your store for customers that come in looking for novelty gifts.

Metal Smoking Pipe

Metal pipes are highly durable, easy to maintain, and will get extremely hot. If you want to add some metal smoking pipes to your inventory order, we recommend pipes made from Zinc Alloy. Zinc Alloy is a metal consisting of three unique ingredients; zinc, aluminum, and silver. Together, this material has a low density and is super durable, which makes it an excellent choice for creating metal smoking pipes. We recommend stocking your store with metal smoking pipes made with Zinc Alloy.

Wood Smoking Pipes

If your customer prefers a smoking pipe with a handmade feel, then a wood smoking pipe is a great choice to offer them. Wood is one of the oldest materials for smoking pipes. However, wood smoking pipes tend to give off a slight flavor that isn't as clean as a hit from glass so, we wouldn’t suggest carrying a ton of wooden pipes in your store.

What Is the Best Material for a Smoking Pipe?

Although all of the materials above make great smoking pipes, glass is a clear winner in the stoner community. Glass gives an impeccable flavor, allowing your customers to really taste the terpenes during their smoke session. In addition, it's smooth and easy to grip which elevates the entire smoking experience. Finally, it's also easy to clean, with an array of stoner cleaning products made specifically for glass smoking utensils. If you are only going to carry a select number of smoking pipes in your store, we highly recommend that you go with several glass options!

Different Types of Smoking Pipes By Design

Now that we have touched on all the materials used for smoking pipes, let's talk about all the different design options you can carry in your store and why each is unique.

Spoon Pipe

A gray GRAV large spoon pipe is held up in front of a GRAV glass shelf in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

Just like the utensil you use to enjoy a nice bowl of soup, the spoon pipe design features a small shallow bowl on one end with a long slender handle on the other. This is an OG handheld pipe shape and is usually the first design stoner's picture when imagining a hand pipe. They are extremely portable and comfortable to hold which is why they are the most popular smoking pipe shape. We recommend carrying a variety of spoon pipes in your store!

Sherlock Pipe

A white small Famous Brandz sherlock style hand pipe is held in front of a shelf of pipes in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

If you’ve ever watched the famous British detective film, you know exactly why this hand pipe shape is called the Sherlock. Sherlock Pipes are pretty much the same thing as a spoon pipe, but with the addition of a curvy elongated neck and a rectangular bowl shape. This shape allows for additional time for the smoke to cool and your customers get to feel like a snazzy investigator during their smoke session.


A green GRAV steamroller pipe is held in front of a GRAV glass shelf in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

Steamrollers are a great option for customers that like the simplistic shape of a one-hitter and the larger bowl size of a spoon. They are usually cylindrical in shape and have a bowl on top of the piece or in the front. The carb is also placed directly opposite the mouthpiece instead of on the side. We recommend carrying several steamrollers in your store so that customers can pick one based on their size preferences.

Chillum/Taster/One Hitters

A small clear GRAV taster chillum pipe is held in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

For customers that want to get the job done quickly, a one-hitter is a great option to offer. They are the smallest type of hand pipe and are usually shaped like a mini steamroller. The chillum is perfect for packing enough weed for one person and is great for travel. Several brands have even created on-the-go chillum carriers that are small enough to pop in our pockets. We recommend keeping a taster pipe display up by the checkout counter for customers to grab and go.

Bubbler Pipe

A clear and purple Snoop Dogg Pounds hammer bubbler pipe is held in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

Bubblers are the best of both worlds. A typical hand pipe rip can be harsh because they don't feature a water filtration element. If your customers are concerned about this, we recommend showing them bubblers! Bubbers are handheld pipes with a large chamber for water filtration. They basically combine the smoothness of smoking a bong with the portability hand pipes offer. We recommend keeping a wide variety of bubblers in your store because they are super popular among consumers.

Novelty Pipes

An alien ceramic mug pipe is held in front of a novelty ceramic pipe shelf in the Cannatron wholesale showroom.

Typical hand pipes can be a bit boring so, glass blowers and ceramists have found a way to spice it up by creating novelty pipes. They create fully functional hand pipes in fun colors or shapes like animals, food items, and so much more. Smokers love novelty pipes for gifts, silly pranks, party starters, or buying them simply because they are cute. We recommend carrying some fun novelty hand pipes in your store so that your customers can surprise their favorite stoner pal with a pizza pipe if they so choose.

What to Look For in a Pipe

After discussing all the different smoking pipe designs and materials, it's essential to know what to look for in a pipe. We recommend looking for pipes made from high-quality materials with a popular or unique design that will jump out to customers. Carrying brands that they know and love is also an essential part of making sure your inventory jumps off the shelves!

Best Smoking Pipe Brands

There are many options to keep in mind, but here are the best smoking pipe brands that are making a significant impact in the cannabis community.


When it comes to glass smoking pipes, GRAV is a cannabis accessory company that makes the best of the best. They are among the top glass hand pipe brands on the market by using quality borosilicate glass and stellar craftsmanship. Featuring an extensive list of glass hand pipe options like spoon pipes, tasters, and bubblers, GRAV is an essential brand to carry in your store.


Ooze is so much more than a best-selling vape pen battery brand. They have created an extensive line of durable silicone and glass smoking pipes that are great to have in your store. Your customers will love how innovative their products can be!

White Rhino

White Rhino smoking pipe displays are a great addition to any smoke shop. They design a wide selection of high-quality hand pipes that are functional, portable, and enhance the smoking experience. We recommend carrying their glass chillum display, steamroller display, and glass blunt display near the cash register to offer your customers some easy options.


With metal smoking pipes made with Zinc Alloy, Journey has created a unique line of products that your customers will love. Their metal smoking pipes are super durable, stay cool to the touch, and deliver a smooth hit every time. We recommend stocking these in your store if you are looking for a metal smoking pipe option to offer your customers!

Where to Buy Wholesale Glass Pipes

Before buying wholesale glass pipes from any online wholesale smoke shop distributor, we recommend comparing prices from different wholesalers. This way, you can maximize your profit margin by shopping around to find out what online wholesalers have the best pricing. We recommend finding a smoking pipe wholesale distributor like Cannatron with exclusive pricing on popular brands like Ooze and White Rhino. Exclusive pricing options mean you will get the lowest pricing available anywhere on wholesale smoking pipes your customers will love!

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