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What is a Carb Cap?

What is a Carb Cap?

Layne Alfred |

A carb cap is something most dabbers use, but may not know what it is doing for their overall experience. It’s a crucial accessory for the best possible dab, so staying stocked up on a variety of carb caps is a great way to upsell those buying other dabbing accessories. Knowing the benefits of a carb cap can help you move some of these off the shelves and gain the trust of your customers. A win-win!

What is a carb cap?

The carb cap is a small accessory that attaches to the quartz banger or domeless nail of your dab rig. Its sole purpose is to help the wax vaporize at a lower temperature, preserving potency, flavor, and your lungs. They are usually sold as stand-alone accessories, but most dab rigs come with a cap cap included. If you sell dab rigs at your store that don’t come with a carb cap, it’s that much more important to have a shelf dedicated just for these This way, you can walk them over to your display and suggest some carb caps that would be compatible with their rig. Plus, carb caps can get broken or lost, so it’s a good idea to always have replacements available.

What does a carb cap do?

A bubble carb cap is resing on the banger of the Ooze Toxic Barrel mini rig. There is a small white arrow pointing to the carb cap. 

The goal of the carb cap is to regulate the heat and the air pressure and flow of your dab. More simply put, the carb cap limits the amount of air entering the banger by creating a vacuum inside that helps vaporize the wax. Less air ensures a more potent hit and keeps the banger hotter longer, getting you the most out of your dab.

Since the carb cap contains all the vapor and heat much better than a banger without one, it makes dabbing at a lower temperature much more effective. Dabbing at a high temperature could negatively affect the flavor and potency of the dab. A torch can heat a dab nail to up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is not necessary to effectively heat a dab. The best temperature for a smooth, flavorful hit is around 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Carb caps make a powerful dab at this temperature more achievable.

Why is dabbing with a carb cap better?

 The left side is purple and shows a banger not using a carb cap, so vapor is escaping. The right side is blue and shows a banger with a carb cap, and shows it creating a vortex inside the banger.

There are tons of benefits to using a carb cap with your dab rig. While technically a carb cap is not required, they guarantee a better dabbing experience for a couple reasons. First, the use of a carb cap will get you a much larger hit that’s super smooth. Additionally, a carb cap enhances the flavor of your dab and highlights all the yummy terpene tastes. It really highlights  the differences between strains of wax used.

How to Use a Carb Cap

Most dab rigs nowadays include carb holes, so a carb cap should fit most bangers. Explain to your customers that it’s super simple to attach and use. To smoke dabs with a carb cap, all they have to do is:

  1. Heat your nail or banger
  2. Add in the concentrate
  3. Cover the banger with the carb cap while gently spinning or lifting the cap, depending on style of cap.
  4. Remove your carb cap to inhale the dab and clear the rig.

Common Types of Carb Caps

The standard carb cap will have a rounded end that acts as a cap and a handle. However, there are lots of different shapes of carb caps to choose from. Dabbers have their preferences, and they may have a banger with an unusual size or shape of banger. Additionally, even if their dab rig comes with a carb cap, it may not be the style they prefer. This is why it’s important to keep a few different options stocked so your customer doesn’t leave empty-handed.

Because of their versatility and usability, these styles of carb caps tend to be the most popular.

1. Bubble Carb Cap

 A glass bubble carb cap is resting in a glass banger.

Bubble carb caps have a rounded “bubble” on both ends with hollow stems. These caps are easily rotated, which allows you to move the concentrates around the banger faster for quicker vaporization. Our favorite is Ooze’s new bubble carb cap that comes with the Toxic Barrel Rig but can be used for other rigs as well.

2. Spinner Carb Cap

A glass spinner carb cap is shown being inserted into a glass banger.

Angled slits in the spinner carb cap create a steady and consistent flow of air to make those terpene pearls spin and vaporize evenly.

3. Diamond Carb Cap

A diamond carb cap is shown being inserted into a glass banger.

This style of carb cap actually creates a vortex inside the banger and spins the vapor around like a tornado. This easily distributes the wax and the airflow evenly throughout the entire hit.

4. Jar Spinner Carb Cap

A blue and black tie dye silicone spinner jar carb cap is shown resting on a glass banger.

A jar spinner carb cap is a great option for those on the go. These caps actually double as a stash jar, so you can hold your concentrates right in your handy carb cap.

Bonus: Regular Stash Jar

A glass concentrate jar with a black plastic cap is being used as a carb cap resting against a glass banger.

For customers in a pinch, a glass concentrate jar can be used as a carb cap! Make sure it’s a heat resistant material with a flat and durable side that creates a seal against the rim of the banger.

Stock up on carb caps and educate your customers on how it can transform their dabbing experience. It’s a great addition to your dabbing accessories display and provides a great up selling opportunity to dab rig and banger purchases.

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