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Monkey See, Monkey Grind


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  • Green Monkey Grinder - Patas - 50mm Green Monkey Grinder - Patas - 50mm

    Green Monkey

    Green Monkey Grinder - Patas - 50mm

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The Best-Selling Weed Grinders in the Jungle 

Green Monkey strives to create durable weed grinders at a responsible price that go beyond the standard 4-piece grinder. The company strives to be an industry leader in dry herb grinding technology and is always on the move to enhance the customer’s smoking experience with innovative designs and features. 

6 Grinder Sizes for Dry Herb & Tobacco 

Green Monkey offers an impressive selection of grinder sizes, including 40mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 63mm, and 75mm. This diverse range ensures that every customer can find a grinder style that perfectly suits their unique preferences. Whether your customers enjoy dry herb or tobacco, Green Monkey is dedicated to transforming their smoking experience by redefining what a herb grinder can be! 

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