The founders of Shine wanted to bring the luxury experience of smoking gold leaf cigars to the masses. Shine creates affordable 24k gold rolling papers, king-size hemp papers, and gold pre-roll cones that burn slow so you can roll them up and smoke down in style.

Shine 24k gold blunt wraps and other rolling products have a hemp paper base. They are designed to be the life of every party and make an amazing stoner gift for the stoner in your life. Your customers will love having these luxurious wraps as an option!


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Shine 24K Gold 1 ¼ Size Rolling Papers – 1 Sheet Pack
Shine Gift Box
Shine 24K Gold King Size Cone
Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers - 1 Sheet Pack
Shine 24K Gold King Size - 6 Sheet Pack
Shine Blaze Hemp Papers King Size
Shine Blaze Hemp Medium Size Cones - Bulk 800ct