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Truweigh Blaze Displays

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2 Products
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  • Truweigh Blaze Scale - 100g x 0.01g - Black - 12ct Truweigh Blaze Scale - 100g x 0.01g - Black - 12ct
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  • Truweigh Blaze Scale - 600g x 0.1g - Black - 12ct Truweigh Blaze Scale - 600g x 0.1g - Black - 12ct
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Truweigh Wholesale Scales - Measure What Matters

Truweigh is committed to delivering dependable and trustworthy products to the mini-scale market. With a mission to craft quality digital scales with quality, fairness, precision, and respect, Truweigh has expanded its product lines extensively over the years. With exceptional offerings like mini digital scales, food scales, dispensary scales, ammo sales, and more, it's easy to see why they dominate the weighing scale industry.  

In addition to manufacturing some of the best digital scales on the market, Truweigh offers individual calibration weights designed to simplify the scale calibration process. They also provide versatile weight kits suitable for calibrating various scales or accommodating unconventional weight capacities. Your customers will appreciate the comprehensive approach that Truweigh brings to the table. Cannatron is proud to offer exclusive pricing on wholesale digital scales, calibration weights, and more from Truweigh. 

Types of Wholesale Scales at Truweigh

Truweigh has an extensive lineup of mini digital scales designed to cater to various specialized applications. Whether your customer's goal involves precisely measuring food portions or carefully quantifying cannabis products in a dispensary setting, Truweigh offers scales custom-tailored to their specific needs. Some common types of wholesale scale offered at Truweigh include:  

Dispensary & Smoke Shop Scales: Truweigh's Dispensary & Smoke Shop Scales are engineered with precision to ensure accurate measurements of cannabis products. These scales meet the unique demands of the industry, providing dispensary owners and customers with peace of mind when it comes to their product's weight. 

Fitness, Kitchen, and Food Scales: Food scales are the perfect option for health-conscious individuals and culinary enthusiasts alike. They offer precise measurements for ingredients for portion control and recipe preparation, an essential tool in the kitchen. 

Ammo Scales: Truweigh's Ammo Scales meet the stringent demands of firearm enthusiasts, ensuring the accurate weighing of bullets and reloading components, as accuracy is vital when handling firearms and ammunition. 

Compact Bench Scales: Compact Bench Scales from Truweigh are versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for various applications. From weighing medication or previous jewels, they ensure precise measurements for various tasks. 

Hanging Scales: Truweigh Hanging Scales provide dependable measurements for objects like fish, game, or luggage. Whether used in fishing, agriculture, or traveling, these scales are designed for durability and accuracy, ensuring that every measurement is precise. 

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