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RAW  |  SKU: RT-820

RAW Metallic Silver Rolling Tray

SKU: RT-820
SKU: RT-821


  • The RAW Metallic Silver rolling tray is metal AF! This small-sized tray is a rectangle that provides the perfect surface for breaking down bud and rolling it up in a RAW paper. The surface has a double-polished chrome finish that is rust and wear-resistant. It features the classic RAW logo and markings of the standard RAW rolling paper packaging. This is a unique tray that looks great on a display wall.
  • RAW TRAY | RAW rolling trays are a staple in any smoke shop. The RAW logo is very recognizable, and the designs range from clean and simple to truly out-of-this-world.
  • METALLIC | The metallic rolling tray is a bright, shining chrome. The double-polished finish is rust and wear-resistant with a clear coating.
  • SMALL | The small rolling tray has a rectangular shape. This fits nicely in a lap and doesn’t take up too much room on a table. The small size measures 11” x 7” x 1”.
  • CURVED | RAW rolling trays are designed to have perfectly curved edges, with no corners or straight creases. This eliminates any crumbs or debris from getting stuck to the tray.
  • IN-STORE DISPLAY | The RAW line of products is one of the most extensive cannabis accessory lines out there, so there are more opportunities than ever to create engaging in-store displays. Create a wall of rolling trays to put all the cool artwork on display.
RAW Metallic Silver Rolling Tray

RAW Metallic Silver Rolling Tray


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