Cannatron Welcomes GRAV Glass Products!

Cannatron is on a mission to help our customers own the shelf, so we only select the best products to stock our inventory. GRAV is a popular cannabis accessory brand designed for fun and function. We are very excited to announce that we now carry an extensive assortment of their borosilicate glass products. With innovative products like the GRAVITRON gravity bong, it’s no surprise that your customers will be asking about their product by name!

About GRAV

In 2004, GRAV began with a deep desire to design precision instruments for cannabis consumption. The company believes that how you smoke is just as important as what you smoke! This is one of the many reasons they create dynamic smoking utensils with artistry roots and functionality at the forefront of their design process.

The GRAV’s mission is simple: to help inspire others to connect with their higher state of mind. From creative consumption with playful conversation to an educational understanding of cannabis history, GRAV aims to build up an insightful yet responsible cannabis space.


GRAV Wholesale Products At Cannatron

Since the brand’s beginning, GRAV has worked to transform and grow a handful of products into entire families to cover every major pipe category. Cannatron is thrilled to have these borosilicate glass products known for their quality and function back in our inventory!



Three GRAV bubblers are shown: the Slush Cup, Martini Glass, and Coffee Mug

The Sip Series is a classic example of how GRAV combines the art of fun and function. Each GRAV Sip Series piece resembles a classic drinking vessel reimagined as a bubbler! For morning sips, the GRAV Milk Carton Bubbler is a fantastic addition to your customer’s wake n bake routine.

When five o’clock rolls around, the GRAV Martini Glass Bubbler and GRAV Martini Shaker Bubbler are excellent options for customers who happen to also be happy hour enthusiasts. We recommend grabbing this complete set and creating a sipectacular display in your store that showcases their iconic shapes and unique features!



The GRAV Gravitron gravity bong.


GRAV designed the world’s first all-glass gravity bong, and now they have created a new, improved version. The new Gravitron Gravity Bong 2.0 has an upgraded platinum-cured silicone grommet for a tighter seal and an increased glass thickness for maximum durability. As a result, the Gravitron is the ultimate party pipe your customers will love to bring out when they have company.

Three GRAV bongs are shown: a wide base, round base, and helix bong.

For something more traditional, we recommend the GRAV Helix Beaker Water Pipe. It features a showerhead downstem and a venturi chamber mouthpiece that work together to diffuse, cool, and spin smoke. Your customers will love the way their hit tastes and feels!


Hand Pipe

Four GRAV hand pipes are shown: a green spoon, blue hammer, blue sherlock, and gray gandalf pipe.

Here at Cannatron, we love when a pipe design fits comfortably in the palm of a hand, like the GRAV Pebble Spoon Bowl. This glass piece is satisfying to hold and hit with a smooth pebble-like shape. However, if your customers prefer a classic hand pipe, the GRAV Hammer Hand Pipe is an old favorite with a refreshed design. Featuring a larger chamber and a round bowl shape, this piece is easy to grip and allows the flame to reach the last bits of your customer’s flower!


Steam Roller

Three GRAV steamrollers are shown: a purple mini steamroller with silicone sleeve, green rocker, and gray deco steamroller.

Everyone loves music but this piece is perfect for your customers that love a little rock and roll. The GRAV Rocker Steamroller is designed to smoke just like your classic steamroller but, with a rounded shape that rocks from side to side while your flower stays in place.

If you want to offer your customers the perfect piece for on the go, the GRAV Mini Steamroller is an excellent option to have in your store. With a discreet shape and small size, this steamroller will fit in your customer’s pockets while still giving them an excellent rip!



A rose gold and green GRAV dugout are shown.


For you customers that love an all in one product, the GRAV Aluminum Taster Dugout is just what they are looking for. This aluminum smoking device is a pipe, grinder, and stash storage container all in the palm of your hand. It features two chambers, one small chamber to effortlessly grind buds and a larger storage area for flowers. Plus, this convenient device comes in 4 vivid color options: Midnight Blue, Rose Gold, Sea Green, and Black!

A GRAV turquoise octo-taster is shown next to the acrylic taster display.

If you’re looking to add a display to your store, the GRAV Taster 100ct Acrylic Display is an amazing option. This compact display comes with 100 durable borosilicate glass Tasters in a rainbow of fun colors that your customers will love.


Cannatron is proud to sell tons of other dope GRAV pieces at a fantastic price. Check out all the GRAV products we have in stock here!