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Ooze Movez Music Speaker Vape

Ooze Movez Music Speaker Vape

Jane Wagner |

It’s always a big deal around the Cannatron office when Ooze launches a brand new product, and this is one that we are especially excited about! The Ooze Movez Wireless Speaker Vape is a 510 thread vaporizer with a speaker component that connects to a smartphone to play music. This is a fun novelty piece that is great for summer.

Customers are Looking for New Vape Styles

While you can never go wrong with classic vape styles like our Twist Slim Pen or Duplex vaporizers, new products always get customers excited! This is like no vape we’ve seen before, this piece packs two incredible functions into one pocket-sized device.

Close-up shot of a white guy and girl holding a green and aqua teal Ooze Movez Speaker Vapes.

The round shape is a new silhouette for Ooze vapes, and the cartridge inserts into the chamber right on the top. A magnet adapter (included in each package) screws onto the bottom of the cartridge to lock it into place once it’s dropped in. We recommend mentioning to customers that super wide 510 thread oil cartridges may not be compatible because of the chamber diameter. By setting their expectations, they won’t be disappointed to discover a fat cartridge they have at home won’t fit in their new piece.

This Vape Plays Music!

An Ooze Movez speaker vape is turned on and the rainbow lights are showing. It is held next to an iPhone with the device pairing list on the screen. MOVEZ is visible in the available pairing list.

The most exciting part of the Movez is the fact that it is a mini portable speaker. Press the center button for 3 seconds to turn the speaker on, and the device will show up as MOVEZ in the phone’s device pairing list. All of the music controls including volume are controlled with the phone, keeping the Movez super straightforward and simple to use.

To preserve battery life and keep the vape function working, the speaker function will shut off after 10 minutes of not playing anything. The speaker function uses more energy than the simple vape function, so the Movez makes sure to make the most of each charge it gets. The vape function is always on and only requires an inhale to activate. The button does not control any vape functions, and the vape function never shuts off.

Rainbow LED Lights Turn Up the Fun

A white person is taking a pull from a gold Ooze Movez speaker vape, making the rainbow LED light ring light up.

A bright ring of rainbow LED lights surrounds the center button, which looks clean and white when shut off. Press the button for 3 seconds to turn the speaker on, which will flash the rainbow lights. The rainbow lights illuminate while the speaker plays music, and also while taking an inhale. In addition to the rainbow lights, the Movez will also use colored indicator lights to communicate with the user.

A blue light will flash once when the cartridge is dropped in and makes a connection with the device. If the cartridge isn’t able to make a connection, it will flash red 4 times to show an error. This is usually solved by simply pulling the cartridge out and dropping it in again.

While the speaker is playing, the device will flash red 3 times to indicate that the device only has 10% power left and it needs to be charged soon. If the device flashes red 10 times while taking a puff, it means the battery is low and needs to be charged soon.

The Movez has Safe Sesh Mode, which means each heat cycle ends after 10 seconds to preserve the cartridge coil. Once this cycle completes, the device will flash red 5 times. The Movez includes a type-C charging cable for rapid charging. The lights will be red while it’s charging, and will change to green once it reaches full charge.

Clear Packaging Designed for the Shelf

The ultra purple Ooze Movez wireless speaker vape is shown in it's clear packaging. There is a front and a back view.

No matter how cool and unique this new vape is, it will have trouble selling if it’s not properly displayed in your store. The Movez comes in packaging that was designed to show off the device without needing to take it out of the box. It is fully displayed in a clear box that lets customers know this is no average vaporizer!

Each inner case of Movez you purchase can also be transformed into a snazzy POP display. Ordering each color by the inner case is the best way to make the entire color range really pop on the shelf. It also helps to keep the slim boxes neat, tidy, and standing upright.

We recommend taking one Movez out of the box and pairing it to a smartphone or tablet in your store during peak hours. Play some tunes that will draw customers down the aisle you have it displayed in, it basically calls out to your customers itself! The device doesn’t get too loud, so it won’t overpower the music you have playing across your entire store.


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