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Upselling Opportunities: Complementary Components

Upselling Opportunities: Complementary Components

Samantha Catrambone |

Similar to any retail establishment, your customers usually come to your smoke shop with a specific purchase in mind. However, there's always an opportunity to enhance their experience with thoughtfully selected upsells and add-ons.

Even though your shelves feature sought-after items like vaporizers, hand pipes, and bongs—items customers already plan to buy—it's essential to offer additional Complementary products in-store. This not only boosts the average customer spend but also allows them to customize and enhance their vape or smoking session. In this article, we will dive into our top recommendations for Complementary items to pair with big-ticket purchases so you can better serve your clientele while maximizing in-store sales.

Common Complementary Items to Pair with Vape Purchases

Replacement Parts & Vape Components

For your vape customers, one of the most critical items to keep in stock is replacement parts and other complementary vape components. Since atomizers are disposable, we recommend suggesting replacement atomizer packs with every new vape purchase to save them the headache once their coil burns out.

A girl has a hand full of Ooze Onyx Atomizers

Plus, if they use their vape regularly, they will become repeat customers if they know your store has the replacement coil they need for their piece. Most vape pens require specific coils, so displaying replacement packs with their corresponding vapes is a great way to ensure your customer finds the one they need easily.

Vape Chargers

Most vapes come with a charger, but that doesn't mean your customers shouldn't grab a few extra. If your customer is purchasing an Ooze vape battery, it will need to be charged with an Ooze brand charger to stay covered under warranty which makes it even more essential to have an extra on hand.

We recommend displaying vape chargers at checkout, making it easy for your customers to add one to their purchase in case they lose the one that comes with their vape or purchase a battery that doesn't include a charger.

Vape Attachments & Accessories

Vape attachments and accessories are some of the best upselling opportunities for vapes because they enhance the vaping experience affordably. We recommend creating a 510-thread attachment display in your store so customers can quickly discover how to customize their vape sesh. With vape attachment options like the Ooze Hot Knife and Ooze Dab Straw Connectar, it's super easy for your customers to switch up their session without buying a whole new device.

Vape Cleaning Supplies

Keeping a vape clean is essential to increasing product longevity, which is why your customers need to keep vape cleaning supplies on hand. We recommend Ooze Resolution Precision Micro Swabs, which come pre-soaked in alcohol and are the ultimate cleaning solution for vaporizers and small pieces.

Vape Organizers

Although stoners are not known for their organization, many of your customers might want to purchase a case or bag to keep their vape, charger, and cartridges organized while being discreet during travel. For vape customers specifically, we recommend the Ooze Traveler Pouch or Crossbody. Both travel bags are the perfect compliment to any vape purchase, featuring double pen sleeves for easy storage.

Create Vape Kits & Bundles

Another great way to boost average customer spend is to create promotional vape bundles and kits. Pair popular vape pens with replacement parts, cases, chargers, attachments, or cleaning products with a slight discount to help customers build their collections.These also make great gifts, giving your shoppers the opportunity to grab something for the special stoner in their life.

Common Complementary Items to Pair with Glass Purchases

Replacement Parts

While most pieces are made of durable borosilicate glass, unforeseen accidents can still occur, potentially leaving your customers in a bind. Luckily, you can stock essential glass replacement parts such as bangers, glass bowls, and downstems to make it easy for your customers to grab an extra part to keep on hand. When customers buy a new big-ticket item like a bong or a dab rig, we recommend showing them small replacement parts for their piece, ensuring they are well-prepared for any unhappy accidents.

Tools & Lighters

All glass piece purchases will need accessories like tools and lighters. For glass hand pipes and bongs, we recommend showcasing a display of lighters and toker pokers nearby so shoppers can easily access all the necessary tools they need for their next sesh. For dab rigs and dab straws, we suggest streamlining their shopping process with a strategic display of torches, butane, and dab handling tools. This one-stop-shop approach provides the perfect opportunity for upselling while elevating customers' shopping experience.

Glass Cleaning Supplies

Glass cleaning supplies should always be near bongs, hand pipes, dab rigs, and other glass pieces so your customers can easily keep their new piece clean. Ooze Resolution has a comprehensive collection of cleaning supplies designed specifically to get stuck on resin off of glass products. We recommend suggesting their products to anyone purchasing a glass piece so they can keep it looking brand new!

Stash Cases

Glass should be stored properly, so stash cases are a perfect upselling opportunity. For small glass pieces, Happy Kit makes compact cases with a variety of goodies to help your customers create the perfect kit for their sesh. For bigger items like bongs and dab rigs, we recommend the Ooze Smell Proof Backpack, which has a big lockable pocket perfect for secure bong storage.

Air Filters & Odor Neutralizers

The sweet smell of sticky icky bud isn't appreciated everywhere, so air filters, incense, and odor neutralizers compliment any glass purchase. We recommend keeping a display of options near the checkout counter so your customers can grab some on their way out the door after purchasing a glass piece or picking up a pack of papers.

Create Glass Kits & Bundles

Just like with vapes, creating promotional glass bundles and kits is a great way to increase average customer spend. Pair popular glass pieces with replacement parts, tools, air filters, or cleaning products with a slight discount to help customers build their collections.

Now, you can meet your customer's immediate needs while exceeding expectations by enhancing their smoking experience through thoughtful and strategic upselling. From replacement parts to organizational solutions, cleaning supplies, and bundled offerings, the curated suggestions in this guide aim to provide a roadmap for elevating customer satisfaction. By implementing these recommendations, you can easily make your smoke shop, convenience store, or dispensary into a customer-centric destination while maximizing sales.

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