Explaining Different Types of Extracts to Your Customers

An effective way to satisfy your concentrate customer's needs is to learn what type of extracts they'll like based on their favorite cannabis accessories and consumption methods. Since there are many types of wax, knowing the key differences between them is a great tool to use in-store when your customers have questions or ask for recommendations. Plus, this makes it easier to upsell specific products you know will complement the dabs of their choice.


In this article, we will provide more information on popular cannabis concentrates so you can better explain the different types of wax to your customers and help them understand what dabs will work best with the concentrate devices they have been eyeing in your store!


Different Types of Wax Dabs: Common Cannabis Concentrates

When a customer has a question about “wax”, they could be thinking about several different types. Wax and dabs are both umbrella terms for all concentrates, which have many different grades and consistencies. Let's discuss the key differences between common dab variations your customers will find at their local dispensary.



A pile of shards of golden shatter extracts

Shatter is a popular form of cannabis concentrate with a similar look and feel to glass. Shatter is typically made into thin sheets that are then "shattered" into smaller pieces for consumption. It's also usually either clear or amber in color and is one of the easiest dabs to handle. Shatter is an excellent option for customers loading a banger or wax globe/atomizer because it's easy to break into small dab-sized pieces. We recommend telling your customers to pair their new dab rig purchase with this type of dab for easy handling.



A close-up shot of a glob of OozeX HoneyBee live resin budder on the tip of a Hot Knife


Budder is one of the most popular types of wax because it has a creamy and smooth texture similar to softened butter. This is a result of a unique production process, where the budder is whipped repeatedly until it gets to the perfect consistency. It is usually a cream or gold color and is typically more expensive than other concentrates due to the additional labor needed during production. Since it's so smooth, we recommend that your customers use a hot knife or dab straw to help them handle their budder easily.



A jar of OozeX Lemon Swirl sugar crystals is shown with the lid off

Sugar or Crystalline wax was first made accidentally during production when extracts were left out and became crystalized due to condensation. However, stoners quickly realized that the wet sugar consistency is perfect for easy loading, so it became popular and is now a staple type of wax. Sugar wax is an excellent option for customers looking to easily load a dab pen with a globe or wax atomizer!



A macro shot of a glob of light tan rosin extracts on the tip of a dab tool

Most cannabis concentrates are made using a solvent like butane, but Rosin is created using heat, pressure, and a hydraulic press. This production process removes the plant resin from the flower itself, so your customers will still be able to taste the flavorful terpenes of the marijuana plant. This offers a more favorable and fragrant dabbing experience. It is typically thick and goopy in texture, so we recommend pairing it with the cold start dabbing method to preserve the flavor as much as possible!



A jar of OozeX GMO crumble is shown with the lid off

As the name suggests, Crumble is a type of wax that breaks apart easily. Fun Fact: It is actually made in the same way as shatter until the very end of the production process. Crumble stays in the vacuum oven longer until it reaches an extra low moisture level, so it's dry and crumbly instead of glassy. Since it breaks apart, it's challenging to handle; we recommend that your customers use a dab straw or hot knife if loading it into a dab rig.


Live Resin

A close-up shot of a glob of OozeX Gushers OG live resin on the tip of a Hot Knife.

Live resin is a unique type of wax because of its unusual extraction process. When the marijuana plants are harvested to make live resin, they are flash-frozen, blasted with a solvent like butane, and then pressed. Since this skips both the curing and drying steps, the resin is live, with a high level of terpenes for a rich flavor and aromatic profile.

Live resin also has a thick wasabi sauce-like consistency, making it very easy to work with, so your customers can use it with their dab rig, dab pen, or dab straw, depending on their mood!


How To Handle Sticky Dabs?

Now that you know more about the different types of dabs available, it's essential to know the answer to one of the top questions you'll get from concentrate newbies: how do you handle super sticky dabs? Most of them don't own a dab tool, and if they do, it's probably a manual dab tool which makes for a sticky situation.

A girl is using an Ooze Twist Hot Knife with the LED spotlight turned on, to load a dab into a blue Booster vape.

We highly recommend showing any customer struggling to handle their dabs the Ooze Hot Knife, an electric dab handling tool that makes handling any type of dab a breeze. It is a small attachment that fits onto any 510-threaded vape battery, making it a super portable and seamless addition to your customer's routine. All they have to do is click the power button on their vape battery, wait for the hot knife to heat up, and then use the ceramic tip to handle their dabs!


Ooze C-Core Collection For Concentrates

When your customers come in asking about new products that will work with their favorite dabs, it's essential to have a few recommendations to suggest. The new Ooze C-Core Collection is a great line to offer, with three incredible products designed to handle all sorts of concentrates. Each vape in this collection features the new Onyx Atomizer, which uses smart ceramic to vape concentrates with a deep bucket for easy loading!


For beginners, the Ooze Beacon Extract Vaporizer is a perfect introductory all-in-one product with a built-in dab tool on the mouthpiece cap. Another great option is the Ooze Booster Extract Vaporizer, a two-in-one device that can be used as a handheld or attached to a 14mm water pipe for a torchless dab rig experience.


There is also an electric dab rig, the Ooze Electro Barrel, for customers looking for a torchless alternative to their beloved dab rig. No matter what your customers are looking for, the C-Core Collection is the perfect recommendation for all types of wax dabs!