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Products Every Gas Station Needs

Products Every Gas Station Needs

Samantha Catrambone |

There’s a science behind gas station locations, and that includes where the products are located inside. Gas station products are arranged to increase consumer spending because chances are likely that while filling up their tank, your customers are going to run inside for some convenient items like drinks, snacks, or tobacco products.

With a customer base that's always on the move, it can be difficult to pin down specific sales trends at gas stations. Plus, product sales vary drastically based on store locations and time of year. However, across-the-board hits include popular on-the-go snacks, caffeinated drinks, and adult-only products like cigarettes, vaporizers, and rolling papers. This is one of the main reasons that every gas station needs to make sure they have a variety of smoking supplies on their store shelves, like best-selling Ooze vape batteries and King Palm rolling essentials.

Filter tip POP Displays from King Palm are displayed on a black shelf in a gas station.

Since cigarettes and vaporizers are among the top sellers at gas stations nationwide, it's important to have a wide selection of options for your customers to choose from since everyone has their own personal preferences. We recommend that all gas stations stock products that are new to those curious customers, as well as the more traditional products for the brand-loyal buyers. In this article, we will dive into the products every gas station needs so you can stock your store strategically and boost point-of-purchase sales all year round!

Best-Selling Gas Station Products

Gas station customers are usually making a quick stop before heading back out on the road. That’s why it’s your job as a gas station owner to show them what they need in addition to the Gatorade or Doritos they snatched off the shelf.. Most Americans know where their favorite snacks and drinks are located in a gas station, as they are usually set up in a familiar pattern.

In addition, they also know that their favorite vapes, wraps, and papers are also located behind or on the checkout counter. Since this is the familiar layout strategy, we recommend keeping the best-sellers front and center on your checkout counter to make their shopping process as easy as possible.

Not sure what smoking-related products to showcase in your store? Let’s dive into some of the best gas station vapes, rolling papers, wraps, cones, lighters, and charger displays to showcase in your gas station for maximum effectiveness.

Ooze Displays: Great for Gas Stations

It's no secret that Ooze is home to the best-selling vape battery so, it's important to make sure that you have the latest and greatest Ooze products available in your store like the Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 Stackable 48ct Display.

A promo graphic for the Ooze Twist Slim Pen 2.0 wholesale stackable display shows the display piece and the 6 colors included

This vape battery display includes 6 of the most popular colors of the Twist Slim Pen 2.0. These incredibly popular 510-threaded vape batteries are compatible with pre-filled oil cartridges and feature pulse wave technology, auto shut-off, and a twist temperature dial on the bottom for a customizable smoke session.

Each vape battery includes a 510 smart USB charger and comes individually packaged for easy customer handling. The display comes with 2 stackable pieces that include 24 batteries each, so you can easily display them in different counter locations depending on your gas station’s setup.

Ooze 510 thread vape pen battery displays are lined up together on a shelf in a convenience store

Best Gas Station Rolling Papers, Wraps, and Cones: King Palm Displays

An assortment of King Palm pre-rolled cone POP displays are lined up on two black shelves in a smoke shop.

One of the top-selling gas station product categories is tobacco-related products like cigarettes, rolling papers, cones, and wraps. Since a lot of stoners end up at the gas station looking to restock on rolling products, we highly recommend stocking products from their favorite brands like King Palm.

King Palm Displays are perfect for gas stations because their packaging is designed specifically for behind the checkout counter. King Palm products are also free of tobacco, additives, preservatives, and glue, which is what a lot of your customers look for when shopping for new rolling essentials. In addition, they come in a wide variety of natural flavors to perfectly compliment your customer’s stash. With mouth-watering flavors like Berry Terps, Banana Cream, and Magic Mint, it's no surprise that King Palm products dominate the shelves at most gas stations.

POP Displays filled with different King Palm accessories like smoke clips and ashtrays are displayed on a black shelf in a smoke shop.

We recommend stocking your store with a variety of King Palm displays like the King Palm Cones 20ct Display, Pre-Rolled Hemp Cones 30ct Display, and King Palm Rolling Paper/Tips 24ct Display. These are some of the most popular displays and are super easy to organize together behind the counter at your gas station.

Best Gas Station Lighters: Clipper Lighter Displays and Toker Poker BIC Lighter Displays

All smokers need a lighter, and chances are they are stopping at a gas station to grab a new one on the regular. Luckily for you, that means easy sales year-round as long as you have a variety of lighters on display that speak to all your customers. We recommend carrying popular brands like Clipper, BIC, and Toker Poker so your customers know that they can rely on the lighter before they buy. We recommend finding colors and designs that you think your customers will love (you know them best!). Here are some of our suggestions:

A row of assorted Bic lighters is on a shelf in a convenience store

Clipper lighters come in so many different fun, eye-catching colors, with one to match every customer’s personality. We really like the Clipper Mushroom 48 ct Display, which is packaged in a plastic display stand that shows off all the colors included from all sides and includes 4 different colorful designs.

To add to the fun, we recommend displaying them next to their corresponding Toker Poker Lighter Sleeves. These are multi-purpose lighter sleeves that have a stainless steel poker and tamper tool built into it. Toker Poker also has the BIC Toker Poker 25ct Display, which is designed to work with BIC lighters and comes in 5 colors if you also carry that lighter brand in your store!

Where To Get Wholesale Gas Station Smoking Supplies

Now that you know exactly what products every gas station needs, it's important to make sure you are getting the best prices on your inventory. Luckily, Cannatron has exclusive pricing on popular display brands like Ooze and King Palm, guaranteeing you have the best price on the market!


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