Products Every Gas Station Needs

There’s a science behind gas station locations, and that includes where the products are located inside. Gas station products are arranged to get the customer spending, because on top of the gas they are buying, customers are likely running in for some convenient items like drinks, snacks or tobacco products.         

With a customer base mostly populated by people on the move, it can be difficult to pin down sales trends at gas stations. Most will vary by location, but including the best snacks and most popular drinks, something every gas station needs are Ooze and King Palm Wrap Displays.   

Cigarettes and vaporizers are among the top sellers at gas stations nationwide. With a range of customers visiting every minute, they will likely want to see a wide selection of products to choose from. All gas stations need products that are new to those curious customers, as well as the more traditional products for the brand-loyal buyers. Who knows, that could be Ooze and King Palm to customers in your area. 

Gas station customers are already making a quick stop before heading back out on the road. It’s your job to show them what they need in addition to that lemon-lime Gatorade they grabbed from the fridge and those Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles they snatched off the shelf while they were pumping gas. 

Due to trends, you already know they are buying cigarettes and vaporizers, so why not give them a wide selection of products that compliment their hobby? Check out all our Ooze Displays and King Palm Wrap Displays have to offer. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed, and neither will your customers. 

Ooze Displays: Great for Gas Stations 

Products Every Gas Station Needs - The Oozelife Blog Ooze Vape Pen Battery Display Vaporizer Best Sellers Popular

Our Ooze Displays are great for gas stations because they are packed with top-quality vaping products that your customers are already searching for. Not only that, but they’re bright, colorful and fair-priced, so they look awesome and will definitely catch their eye.      

Products Every Gas Station Needs - The Oozelife Blog Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen Battery Display Case Best Seller Batteries

Ooze Display options include everything from dab tools and dab kits to vape batteries, chargers, pipes, ash trays, grinders, lighters and more. All of our products are ideal for concentrates, tobacco, and essential oils. 

King Palm Wrap Displays: Perfect for Gas Stations

Products Every Gas Station Needs - The Oozelife Blog King Palm Wraps All Natural Leaf display Convenience Store

Top-selling gas station products include tobacco-related products. That’s why our King Palm Wrap Displays are perfect for gas stations because each all-natural wrap is clean, unique and individually hand-rolled for a smooth, slow-burning smoke.  

Unlike other wraps on the market, all King Palm Wraps are free of tobacco, flavors, additives, preservatives and glue, so it’s a chance to reach those new, curious customers who are stopping in off the road looking for something to smoke.   

Products Every Gas Station Needs - The Oozelife Blog King Palm Leaf Natural Wraps Display

Whether they need King Palm Wrap rolls, corn husk filters, smoke clips, or rolling plates, our King Palm Displays have them covered.      


Ooze and King Palm Wrap Displays are filled with products that every gas station needs and every customer is already looking for. Point them in the right direction with our displays. Not only do they offer incredible value for your shop, but they’re filled with colorful eye-catching products for all smokers on the go.    

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