How to Convert Your Vape Shop into a Smoke Shop

Looking to convert your vape shop into a smoke shop? Ooze has you covered!    

Due to the recent bad press and vaping bans, many vape-only shops are under a lot of pressure right now. A downturn in one consumption method shouldn't put your store out of business! Turn your vape shop into a smoke shop and gain new customers. 

We want to help our wholesale customers stay in business by helping them convert their vape shops into smoke shops so they can reach more consumers. From vape batteries to grinders, scales, and more, we have all the products you need to convert your vape shop into a full-fledged smoke shop!         

What do I need to convert my vape shop into a smoke shop?

At Ooze, we may be known for our high-quality vaping products, but we have so much more to offer, including our affiliate brands -- King Palm Wraps, Green Monkey Grinders, and Truweigh. Here is what you need to convert your vape shop into the ultimate smoke shop.          

Ooze Displays   

Ooze counter displays all lined up on one shelving unit with four shelves. This is in the Ooze Warehouse showroom

If you’re a vape shop, you may already have an Ooze display. If not, you probably have at least some of our Ooze vaping products. Our Ooze displays are filled with everything from dab tools and dab kits to vape batteries, chargers, pipes, ash trays, grinders, lighters, rolling trays and more.   

The best-selling and most popular Ooze product is the Ooze Slim Twist Vape Pen, which comes with a lifetime warranty so smokers know they are getting a reliable product.   

King Palm Wrap Displays

Shelving unit in the Ooze Wholesale showroom with four shelves, all stocked with King Palm Wraps counter displays.

King Palm Wrap Displays would be a great addition to your new smoke shop! All of our King Palm Wraps displays include products like King Palm Wrap rolls, corn husk filters, smoke clips, and rolling plates for all smokers. 

King Palm Wraps are perfect for tobacco and cannabis and are free from flavors, additives, preservatives and glue for those who like a clean smoke. 

Green Monkey Grinders

Different sizes of chrome and gunmetal Green Monkey capuchin grinders all mixed together

Green Monkey Grinders are also a must have at your vape-turned-smoke shop, so stock your shelves with the best herb grinder on the market for your customers! Durable and assembled using a screw-on thread mechanism, Green Monkey Grinders come in a range of designs, colors and features for the perfect fit.     

Truweigh Scales

Truweigh scales lined up on three shelves, scales are placed directly in front of their packaging.

If they are rolling their own or dividing some up to share, your customers are going to be looking for a reliable scale for their product. Truweigh smoke shop scales are durable, digital, and easy-to-use for all of your customer’s needs. 

Truweigh scales are backed by a Ten Year Limited Warranty. Truweigh: Quality You Can Measure.   

Turning your vape shop into a smoke shop? We are here to help you expand your product selection, grow your customer base and diversify your business in this growing industry. We offer a wide range of colorful and eye-catching products for all smokers. 

Contact Ooze today if you’re in need of help converting your vape shop!