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A female hand holds a bottle of CBD hand lotion, vape juice, and a lemon cake flavored vape cartridge in front of a smoke shop shelving unit filled with CBD products.

CBD: Your New Smoke Shop Best Seller

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I was sitting at my desk the other day in my 9-5 job (yes, I do this for fun). The office has always been quiet, with mostly older employees who have worked there for 30 years. One of my managers was sitting next to me on the phone speaking with a colleague. “That’s great, I’m planning on giving it a try, too… I know, it’s supposed to be really good for anxiety relief, too.” He went on to speak openly about CBD like it was a new medicine. I’ve always been a firm believer of CBD for healing lots of physical and psychological ailments, but I never would have expected to hear it so openly accepted so quickly, especially in a highly corporate setting. 


What is CBD?

 A white female with wavy brown hair has a medicine dropper with golden cbd oil in it aimed in her mouth. She wears a navy blue sweater and you cannot see her eyes.

The two naturally occurring chemical compounds in marijuana are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning you won’t get high from it when extracted on its own. Due to the lack of research on marijuana in general, not many benefits of CBD can be backed up with scientific evidence. However, early experiments have shown that it can greatly aid in insomnia, anxiety, pain and even schizophrenia and seizures. 


How is CBD used?


The best thing about CBD is its versatility. I know people who have CBD oil for their anxious pet and ones that use CBD cream on their aching bones and muscles. It’s the new ibuprofen. The new melatonin. The new Xanax. And you know what? It’s au naturel. Put it all together in our organic-obsessed society and you have a new best-seller.

 Shetland sheepdog looks at a medicine dropper held by a hand right in front of his nose. The dropper has a dose of clear liquid in it.

This is why so many retailers in all kinds of industries want to infuse their product with CBD. Anyone and everyone can purchase CBD-infused lotions, supplements, cocktails, vapes, skincare, oil and even cupcakes.


Because of all the potential uses and forms, it’s become, surprisingly, a very inclusive product. The New Yorker reported that “Seniors are America’s fastest-growing population of new cannabis users.” Many are looking for pain and symptom relief, and they see CBD as an alternative to opioids. So far, it’s looking to be a sustainable solution – studies have shown that opioid abuse has decreased in states where cannabinoids are legal. Interestingly in this scenario, the stigma of tested, pharmaceutical products is worse than that of marijuana. Oh, how the tables have turned!


What’s more, the acceptance of CBD by demographics like seniors and extreme conservatives has made it even more demanded. State's legalization of marijuana has definitely helped marijuana’s reputation, but the wide acceptance of CBD might arguably be one of the biggest stigma killers yet. That’s why you hear people openly discussing it as an option in public and even corporate environments. The shame has lifted. The Green Rush is real.


The fact that it’s non-psychoactive means there’s a use for pretty much everyone. Get in on the Green Rush and give your customers what they want!

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