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It's Time for Tobacco-Free Products to Shine

Jordan Stokes |

Culturally, it seems like we are moving farther and farther away from tobacco-based products, and embracing more cannabis- and naturally-derived products in an effort to better our health and habits.

The point is, times and trends are changing in the industry and your shop should change with them. Let’s explore the option of tobacco-free products and what it means to be tobacco-free.

Tobacco-Free Policies

Tobacco-free policies prohibit the use of tobacco, nicotine, or any tobacco-like products, plants or substances (natural or synthetic).

A white male man's hand is in a fist, crushing a pile of cigarettes. Stop smoking tobacco and cigarettes.

Smoking continues to become less socially acceptable and in contrast, tobacco use rates continue to decline. You can especially see this decline in 2012, when 28 states banned the use of tobacco products in public places and general workplaces.

Best Tobacco-Free Products

Counter displays of High Hemp tobacco-free cone 2-packs are lined up in an arc on a black shelf.

In this industry, you need to stick to the new trends of consumers, while also remaining in accordance with the law. Luckily for the vaping industry, tobacco-free products have started to shine and become front and center.

Make sure your smoke and vape shops are stocked with a variety of tobacco-free products so you can keep your customers intrigued, happy, and coming back for more.

Three counter displays of Cyclones Clear Cones sit together on a black shelf.

How to display? Instead of a wall full of tobacco-filled blunt wraps, try creating a variety of new natural and tobacco-free for your customers to choose from. You can still keep some of the classics, but products like hemp wraps and cones are also great options to give your tobacco-free customers.

We also have unique clear cones made from cellulose, and rolling papers made from rice paper, as well as a bunch of other natural products for those customers who are looking for something different and most importantly, something tobacco-free. You can find these tobacco-free products here:

  • Hemp Wraps - All-natural, tobacco-free hemp wraps.
  • Clear Cones - Made from natural cotton cellulose, glycerin and water.
  • Rice Paper - Pure rice paper. No chemicals, no pulp and no hemp.
  • King Palm Pre-Price - These are organic, completely free of tobacco and chemicals, and made from 100% real palm leaf.
King Palm pre-priced 2 packs of natural palm leaf pre-rolls sit together on a black shelf. A white female hand with blue nail polish holds a 5-pack of filters just above the counter displays.

*King Palm pre-priced displays are a super easy way for people to try out tobacco-free products. They come in an affordable sample 2-pack, or you can include a free pack with purchase.

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