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A white female hand with light pink nail polish holds the Ooze Yellow Steamboat Silicone-Glass Hybrid piece in front of a white wood background. The piece has the flower bowl inserted and a small dabber on the down stem magnet.

Silicone = Sales!

Layne Alfred |

What’s the most visually pleasing product in your smoke shop? My guess is that most storeowners would answer, “the glass!” Although they’re pretty, glass bowls, bongs and bubblers have one characteristic that makes them difficult to show off to customers: they’re fragile. Silicone pieces are our new favorite display item because they solve this very problem. No need to lock up these bad boys for protection. You can put them front and center without having to worry about that clumsy customer dropping something or bumping into the counter.

Make a Statement Without Saying a Word 

Besides being super durable, bright colors (like this tie-dye bong) and funky shapes (like the Steamboat bubbler or “yellow submarine”) make silicone products perfect for creating eye-catching displays. There aren’t too many on the market, so if you place these fun pieces where the customer will see them immediately, it’s sure to spark some curiosity and start a conversation. On the flip side, the pressure is totally off the customer to ask for someone to unlock the counter for them every time they want to get a closer look at a piece. Being able to get a feel for the piece on their own, without the pressure to make a quick decision, will make it a much better shopping experience. 

Since your customers will obviously be hooked by the silicone pieces, knowing how great of a smoke they provide will just further sell them. Our silicone products still have glass water chambers, bowls and bangers, so users still get a smooth smoke without a rubbery silicone taste. Still, the glass parts are thick and covered in silicone to protect them from any party fouls. Our silicone pieces are also some of our most versatile products– they can be used for concentrates and flower. So, whether your customer is a dabber or a smoker, these are for them!

No Party Fouls Here!

There are tons of other perks to these silicone products, too, that will appeal to all kinds that walk through your doors. They deconstruct into multiple parts, making them much easier to clean than the typical glass bong or bowl. They’re easy to travel with because the thick glass won’t break. Some even have suction cups on the bottom of them to hold them steady on the table for double protection!


The durability of silicone products almost encourages them to be brought out at parties, no matter how wild. It’s no big deal if it gets knocked over or dropped– all is forgiven! And with fun patterns and soft rubbery material, they even look more like toys than the slightly more serious glass bowl. We’re all about making the cannabis world more playful… and with less broken glass.


Silicone products are the perfect way to appeal to all kinds of smokers. They’re sure to be a conversation starter and a hands-on accessory your customers will love to pick up and feel. Arrange your colorful array of silicone bowls and bongs front and center to dazzle dabbers and smokers alike! Check out our silicone selection.

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