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Lean Into Love Themes for Valentine's Day

Lean Into Love Themes for Valentine's Day

Layne Alfred |

‘Tis the season for love! I get that you own a smoke shop, not a Hallmark store, but Valentine’s Day is a retail holiday. You deserve to get in on that action, too! Whether you dazzle customers with candy displays or just bring the pink bubblers out of the shadows, there are plenty of ways to get your shop looking like it was arranged by Cupid himself. Below are our ideas for how to capitalize on love the entire month of February. 



Gather up all your red, pink and purple products and create an array of romantic colors at the front of the store to remind customers to get a gift for their significant other. Utilize heart decorations, flower petals and maybe even cute phrases like, “Couples that vape together stay together” (that one’s for free).


Our Partner Brand Rozy makes pink papers, paper tips, pre-rolled cones and tips, so bring in some romantic pink products this month. We have the biggest selection from this brand so you can make an entire Rozy display.


King Palm’s Skywalker Cones also offer a soft, Valentine’s Day-esque color scheme. Each French paper pack comes with three pre-rolled cones: baby blue, pastel purple and light pink.


If you’re not jazzed about creating Valentine’s Day-specific displays, think about it as a way to move those slower-selling pink and purple pieces. Framing bowls and bubblers as Valentine’s gifts will inspire customers to rethink their go-to flowers or chocolate.



Encourage shoppers to buy one for themselves and one for their sweetheart with a BOGO (buy one, get one free) deal. Again, this is perfect to apply to the more feminine colors that don’t tend to be as popular year-round.

 The Ooze Valentine's His Bundle sits all spread out on a wood surface, surrounded by roses, conversation hearts, chocolate hearts, and a heart necklace

You can also create some couples’ packages or product bundles of your own to create a Valentine’s buzz. Group smoking essentials in Valentine’s colors together to create bundles that move excess inventory for you, and give customres a great deal on multiple products. You can even put together "His and Hers" bundles that group together two colors of the same product (his and hers) at a discounted price.



Another way to capitalize on the holiday is to direct all the Valentine’s Day love right at your customers. Make Valentine’s Day, or even all of February, all about them. Send out coupons in the mail or via email with verbiage like “We just love our customers so much!” and “Will you be our Valentine?” Give your coupon on a cute code like BEOURS or JUST4U.


You can show new customers some love by handing out candy or other treats with each purchase the week of Valentine’s Day. Buy the munchies of your choice in bulk and this is an easy and affordable way to make a lasting impression on your customers.



A t-shirt rack in a smoke shop has branded merch on white, gray, and black t shirts.

Other types of merchandise besides smoking accessories like apparel are also hot sellers during holidays. A t-shirt of their favorite brand is a unique Valentine’s Day gift! Try incorporating some RAW patches by the register, or build an entire rack of our new King Palm t-shirts. We recommend a clothing rack with wheels so you can easily move it to different parts of the store during peak selling times and holidays.


Maybe you’re an eager participant each Valentine’s Day and you’ve had your email campaign and display planned out for months. If not, take inspiration from these ideas. Customers love acknowledging fun holidays like Valentine’s Day (with their pockets), so give them good reason to indulge by offering them your most “festive” products at a special price. Add beautiful displays and fun product bundles to the mix and you’ll impress past customers and gain new ones. Plus, you’ll be cleansed of your less popular inventory. Don’t let Valentine’s Day pass you by!

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