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The Ooze Traveler Series Bag lined up from large to small against a green background. Round backpack, square backpack, crossbody shoulder bag, travel toiletry pouch, and wristlet

Travel in Style with the Traveler Smell-Proof Bag Series

Layne Alfred |

Our new line of Traveler smell-proof bags is THE thing your customers never knew they needed in their lives. With one of these bad boys, there is no more paranoia about herbaceous odors escaping your bag. That’s worth a lot to your customers! Luckily, these bags are as affordable as they are effective.

Meet the Crew

The Traveler Series is made up of five bags ranging in size from a small wristlet to the perfect carry-on: we offer a backpack, crossbody, travel toiletry case, and wristlet pouch. They’re more than just sleek and convenient travel companions, though. Each bag’s interior is fully covered with a carbon fiber lining to trap any and all smells inside and prevent even a whiff from seeping out. These are perfect for a day of errands where the dispensary is one of the stops, or even just heading to a friend’s place. Regardless of the destination, they grant that feeling of security and confidence.

Lock Smells Inside and Keep Thieves Out

On the same note, the lining isn’t the only security feature worth noting. The full-size backpacks and toiletry pouch have locking mechanisms to keep belongings safe and sound no matter what. Even if someone could smell what’s in the bag (which they definitely can’t), they wouldn’t be able to confirm anything by looking inside.

The compartments of these bags are also thoughtfully designed for the stoner on the go. All bags besides the wristlet have sleeves to neatly and snugly keep Ooze pens within reach—we can’t have those getting buried and smooshed and broken in our bags. There are plenty of compartments on each bag so you can separately store different materials easily.

Additionally, the backpacks feature a clip that connects the straps over the chest so no one can snag the goods off your back (plus, this reduces back tension!). For this reason, the Traveler backpacks are truly perfect for your festival-going customers. They need their smoking materials on hand, but theft also tends to be easy and common at festivals and large concerts. These modern bags solve both problems.

Keep it Low-key

Some other smell-proof bags are overpriced and often very obviously intended to carry marijuana with the use of bright graphics and logos. The black embossed Ooze logo is subtle enough that you can only see it up close. Even though weed is becoming increasingly legalized around the US, most still prefer the discreet approach to their cannabis use. The low-key design is sure to please any and all demographics—and you just can’t go wrong with classic black.

The Traveler lineup of smell-proof bags is discreet, stylish and just as effective as the more expensive options at trapping odors. Although we sold out almost immediately, we’re restocking so you can add this lineup to your shop and watch them sell out as fast as they did for us! Give your customers the smell-proof bag they’ve been waiting for and check out the new Traveler series today.

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